Edema after a bruise what to do

Various contusions of the upper and lower extremitiesin everyday life a common phenomenon. This is due to the fact that our hands and feet are actively involved in the implementation of daily activities. Most often there is a bruise of the foot - the foot, knee, shin, thigh. It is quite easy to cure at home, but the bruise itself is a rather painful phenomenon, and if nothing is done and no treatment is prescribed to alleviate the pain, a variety of complications can arise, which will be much harder to treat. It is especially important to take measures if the injury has occurred in the child.

The most obvious signs of injury

  • The most important symptom is severe pain that occurs immediately after an injury. It does not allow you to do practically no movements of the damaged limb.
  • Shortly after the injury, the patient notes that the leg was swollen and swelling appeared on her.
  • If subcutaneous hemorrhage occurred, the hematoma will not take long.
  • The impellent function is violated, because it is impossible to stand up due to severe pain on the leg.

What should be done immediately after getting injured?

It does not matter whether a person has injured his legs at home or whether it happened in nature - first aid and treatment should be followed immediately.

  • The victim must be laid on a flat surface, so that the leg, which received a bruise, was in complete rest. In doing so, it should be just above the trunk, this will help prevent swelling.
  • If the skin has such injuries as abrasions andscratches, it is necessary to treat them with an antiseptic. Broken knees, like bruised legs, are often found in the child, so young moms should always be alert and at any moment know what to do and how to help. In the medicine cabinet or a walking bag, you should always have hydrogen peroxide or Miramistin.
  • A cold compress will help to relieve pain. It can be made from ice cubes wrapped in a thick towel, or attach any container from the refrigerator. If the swelling of the foot and the hematoma develop right before your eyes, a cold compress will help to substantially relieve swelling.
  • If the pain is extremely severe, thetake analgin. If treatment and folk methods applied at home do not improve his condition at all, the edema of the foot or shin is very pronounced, it is necessary to deliver it to the emergency station. Doctors will do an x-ray to find out if there has been a fracture or a very bad leg injury and will be prescribed treatment.

Than to remove a tumor from a bruise?

The very first help in order to preventedema, involves the imposition of a cold compress. How to treat swelling further, if the leg is still swollen? Most likely, the doctor will prescribe treatment - anti-inflammatory drugs in the form of gels and ointments. Their goal is to remove the swelling from the foot and shin and disperse the blood in the damaged area so that a hematoma does not form. For this purpose, excellent tools such as heparin, ibuprofen ointment, "Troxevasin" are coping well. Also after a bruise it is useful to do various physiotherapy procedures - electrophoresis, UHF. Particularly useful physiotherapy will be for the child.

Treatment of foot injuries folk remedies

Folk remedies provide a good help in the treatment of foot and shin injuries, accompanied by severe swelling.

  • Since childhood, everyone knows how to treat bruises by the usual application of a plantain leaf.
  • Foot bath with rock salt. In warm water, dissolve the rock salt and place the bruised foot there for 50-60 minutes.
  • Apply to the damaged area a cabbage leaf,after tightly fixing it. This is one of the most loved by folk healers means that have a beneficial effect in case of a foot injury, and also if a hematoma is formed.
  • To cure a bruise will help rubbing with camphor alcohol.

In no case should not actively rub the damaged leg. This can lead to a blockage of the veins - thrombophlebitis.

Compress with a foot injury

Compress provides very effective assistance,it is on its application that people's means are based. Their main advantage is absolute painlessness in application, which is especially important in the treatment of a child.

How and from what it is necessary to do a compress, if a leg injury has occurred?

  • Compress with milk. A piece of cloth or a towel is abundantly moistened with milk heated to a high temperature, applied to the area of ​​the foot or shin. It is wrapped in cellophane and is fixed with a scarf on top
  • Potato well helps remove the tumor in both raw and boiled form. Raw potatoes should be cut in circles. And boil mash to a mushy consistency.
  • The aloe vera compress helps to cure the leg, if it has formed a hematoma. The leaves of the plant must be crushed into gruel.
  • Grate onion, mix with rock salt, then wrap in cloth and apply to the damaged area several times a day.
  • Very simple treatment - mashed fresh sagebrush.
  • If the patient has an allergy to some kind ofplants or medicines, the compress from badyagi will perfectly suit. Two tablespoons of powder balyaga mixed with a small amount of warm water. Change the resulting mixture to fresh should be twice a day, treated until complete recovery.

What actions should be avoided with a bruise?

What can not be done after getting injured, so as not to worsen the situation? A few simple rules.

  • The first and most important recommendation is thatignore what happened and hope that everything will pass by itself. Especially it concerns children. Even if at first glance the trauma of a child is not particularly dangerous or it is just a hematoma on the knee or shin, first aid should still be given.
  • Do not transport the victim without fixing the damaged leg. Excess clothing, pants or pants, you need to carefully remove.
  • If a person got a dislocation together with a bruise, you can not try to cure him by fixing yourself. It is necessary to go to the emergency room.
  • You can not self-medicate, try to cure yourself or your child and prescribe some means if you do not have a specialized medical education.