Tattoo of eyelids how to remove swelling

I have sensitive skin.
the swelling on the sides of the eyes has not yet come down, that is not in the places of the tattoo itself, but near.
what means can I use?
a cream special to me the master has given for processing tatuazha, and here for an edema is not present, as usually the edema already in a day descends.

Itself will pass, the main thing is to follow the recommendations of the specialist.

Tincture of chamomile compress.

At my girlfriend the edema passed or took place 1 week, simply do or make that to you the specialist has told or said and all will pass or take place. Beauty requires sacrifice!!

Apply ice. In general, tracivazine helps. Compresses cold with chamomile, or freeze a chamomile broth and apply these cubes. (Put a cube of ice in a handkerchief)

Claims to the one who did.

and a week can be

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