How to remove swelling from your finger

It can be obtained in various ways, and the reason for obtaining a blow is of little interest when everything is done. Now the main thing is to avoid the formation of bruises.

The first minutes after the strike

The most important are the first minutes afterreceived shock, since it is at this moment that the capillaries and blood vessels burst, and a hemorrhage begins, which is the direct cause of the formation of the bruise. To make the bruise as small as possible, you need to start acting immediately.

The main actions will be approximately the following:

  1. Immediately after the impact on the damaged area you needapply cold. It is necessary to do this in order to narrow the capillaries and vessels, to stop the bleeding. It is advisable, of course, to apply the ice for about fifteen minutes. But not always at hand it is available. Often fights, falls occur in completely unsuitable places to provide such first aid. In this case, any cold object, the main thing to wrap it in a rag, so as not to infect an infection. If the first few minutes to apply the cold failed, then you can not do it further, since the cold will not in any way affect the amount of bruise.
  2. After a while you can make a decoction of plantain, St. John's wort and make with them lotions that will help reduce swelling.
  3. To reduce swelling, you can resort to vinegar, which has beneficial properties. True, use it carefully so as not to damage the skin.

If the bruised place is very sore, and at handthere are no painkillers, such as Spasmalgon, Tempalgin, you can use the onion juice, which in a short period of time is able to relieve even severe pain. In addition, the onion disinfects the damaged surface.

In the event that none of the abovemethods did not help at least to reduce the hematoma, and it also hurts, it will be better to consult a specialist so that he will have a good look at the damaged area, since in some cases the damage can be much more serious than it seems.

Immediately after the impact on the damaged area, it is necessary to apply cold

Depending on where the place wasimpact, a cone may be formed, which in no case can not be ignored. To reduce it, you will have to resort to medication, such as:

  • Troxevasin
  • Heparin ointment
  • Iodine, iodine mesh
  • Compress with magnesia.

It heals a bump, especially on the face, because it is a collection of blood clots in the muscles, and in some cases they envelop the bones, which is very dangerous.

If we talk about the folk methods for eliminating the cones, then you can attach a cabbage leaf with honey to the damaged area.

Getting Rid of Hematoma and Pain

Not all people trust folk remedies and thereforeprefer to use medicines. Often a bruise and a bruise do not require a visit to the doctor, as when performing the correct actions, it will pass by itself.

Sometimes, if the hematoma is very large, it hurts, betterto appear to the expert. To do this it is necessary because it is often necessary to perform a puncture in order to pump out the liquid. This procedure can be done several times and until the moment when the blood does not cease to go definitively.

In order to remove swelling from your face as quickly as possible, it is better to use such medications as:

  • Fastum gel, which relieves pain and reduces puffiness
  • Dolobene, whose main action is aimed at the removal of pain syndrome
  • Indowozin
  • Bustramgel, its effect is similar to that of Fastum gel, in fact, it is analogous
  • Ketonal, which has not only anesthetic, but also anti-inflammatory effect.

Begin the use of ointments better after a fewhours after the impact, as some of them have a warming effect. And it can further increase hematoma due to the expansion of blood vessels under the influence of heat.

Bruise under the eye or above the lip

The bruised area must be treated with any antiseptic to prevent infection

Particular attention should be paid to swelling after a stroke in the eyes and lips. It is in these places that the skin is the most sensitive and tender, and therefore it is necessary to treat bruises in these places.

To get rid of a bruise under the eye you need:

  • First of all, apply cold to reduce swelling
  • Then evaluate the person's condition, check how well his eyes see, and whether something has changed after the impact
  • Apply raw potatoes that will help to remove puffiness
  • Spread the area of ​​the bruise with a sponge. In the first minute you can feel a burning sensation, but this is normal. Bodyaga perfectly restores blood circulation, and also resolves bruises.

If you do not want to use the body, then in the pharmacy you can buy Lyoton and lubricate the area of ​​edema. It has the same effect as the bodyfoot, but it only costs a lot more.

If the blow fell into the area of ​​the lips, then there will beit is slightly more difficult to remove swelling in a short time. The main difficulty is that the lip will constantly bleed for more than a day, even after it practically heals.

The bruised place needs to be treated by anyantiseptic to prevent infection. And then apply ice to reduce swelling. After this, it is necessary to apply the ointment to the damaged area, which contributes to the fastest healing of wounds.

To avoid the recurrence of bleeding and a burst of skin, you need to lubricate the lips with either vegetable oil or hygienic lipstick.

Many people are interested in how to remove the edema from the face after a stroke. But, despite many methods, none of them will allow it to be done in a day, it will take at least four days.

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