Bruising and swelling of the finger

A bruised finger, at first glance, is not serioustrauma, but the consequences can be very serious, if in time do not seek help from a doctor. Especially if your finger is hard to move and you feel a lot of pain. If the damage is not strong, how to treat a bruised finger? Here are some tips.

First aid with a bruise

Of course, you need to go to the doctor. Therefore, until you have examined your bruise, do not take any measures. Do not bandage your finger, because if the bone is cracked, you will only make it worse. After going through the necessary procedures in the hospital, you need to go to the doctor, he will give you an accurate diagnosis and tell you how to treat a bruised finger.

What is best to do with a bruise? How to treat a bruised finger? The most common type of treatment is considered to be compresses. For this you can use vodka, fresh leaves of plantain, boiled potatoes with honey and soda, fresh onions. In the pharmacy you can buy a powder of water sponges, dilute it with water and apply to the bruise this thick. To bandage a finger, apply a compress in the morning and in the evening.

It is clear that to insure against such injury is notperhaps. It's good, if as a result of a bruise you will have only a bruise. Then you can smear it with special ointments that dissolve the hematoma, "gluing together" the blood vessels. This ointment Vishnevsky, "Troxerutin", "Nikofleks." But, how to treat a bruised toe, if the injury is serious?

First, lie more, hold your foot inelevated state. This will help reduce the swelling. Use an ice pack for this. Cube the ice with light massage movements on the bruised place. The tumor will decrease, will not put pressure on the nerve endings, and cause you pain.

Secondly, use painkillers or resorptive ointments and pills to relieve pain. Do not suffer, heroism here to anything.

Most often people injure their fingers. And it does not depend on the profession. What to do and how to treat a bruised hand? The first thing you need to do is put your finger under a stream of cold water. Cold will reduce bruising and help to quickly resolve. If there is a small wound, treat it with iodine. Draw an iodine "mesh" on your finger to reduce swelling.

Use ointments to avoid inflammation: "Diclofenac", "Voltaren". Do not refuse physiotherapy.