What to do with swelling of the finger

Quite often people hit a finger. Of course, this is an unpleasant trauma, in which the nail can also suffer, which will add to the victim's suffering and further worsen the mood. This, of course, did not hurt his legs. and the more so did not hurt his head. but still behave in this situation, is it worth it to fear the consequences, and is it serious?

To distinguish a bruise from a dislocation or worse fracture will help this article.

Phalanges are an important work unit in the human body. Each of them is responsible for his plot. For example, the toes are responsible for maintaining balance, giving acceleration and the ability to swim.

If a toe dislocated occurs, a person losesability to move normally. If the hand is hurt, a person can not work normally. And the most insulting thing is to hit the finger as easily as getting a bruise.

Any protruding object at home, in production,work or walk can become an offender to the phalanx. Incorrect falling on hands, not performance of safety precautions at work on building and industrial platforms more often lead to such trauma.

With the connivance of this injury, the healing process can be very painful and even lead to complications.

Damage of this kind is a serious injury. Sometimes this is accompanied by a dislocation or even fracture of the bone. Damage to soft tissue is manifested by swelling in the area of ​​impact, blueness or redness. There is also a feeling of acute pain in a state of movement. If the limb of the hand is damaged, the person can not fully work, and if the leg is injured, then you can forget about the normal movement.

The main cause of pain is hemorrhage andhematoma of joints between phalanges. If the blow was so strong or, as they say, unsuccessful, then the fracture can not be avoided, and this, as you understand, will make the movement of the damaged limb impossible. Even at rest there will be a lot of pain and without an anesthetic, the victim is in pain. As a rule, with this type of injury, the nail suffers and a pronounced hematoma appears. and this in turn leads to a complete nail drop.

What should I do if my finger is injured?

To slightly reduce hematoma and strongpainful sensations the injured part is cooled by applying a cold compress or by means of cold water. In the refrigerator there is always a piece of frozen meat, so rather put it to the place of impact.

If there is bleeding and a broken nail dopressing bandage. Further actions depend on the nature of the injury (with or without a fracture). If the shape of the finger is deformed or there is crepitation of the bone, it is broken. In this case, it is necessary to go urgently to the hospital or the nearest traumatic point. An anesthetic injection will be made there and the patient will be guided to the bone straightening operation. With a minor injury, treatment in a traumatic point is not necessary. It is enough to perform the actions described above.

The main point - treatment

Treatment of a finger injury is a long therapeutic procedure. During this period it is important to be at rest and, if possible, do not disturb the damaged limb. In no case should one endure the pain .

It is necessary to take tablets of anesthetic character, for example analgin. In the presence of shock or when returning pictures of what happened, you should take soothing drugs.

After the main pain subsided, a period of prolonged recovery begins. You need to use special ointments and creams (such as Bystrumgel, Diclofenac or Heparin ointment).

The principle of infiltration and resorption of edema and promotes the expansion of vessels for faster recovery of soft tissues.

Rehabilitation period with a slight injuryone - two weeks. Completely pain goes away in a few months. With movement and heavy load, the pain may still be felt for some time. With a fracture, rehabilitation lasts for a month. And accordingly, when moving, the pain completely ceases in a year.

To speed up the process It is recommended to visit more often in countries with a dry marine climate. Positive influence of the sun on bone tissueman accelerates the process of adhesion and healing of small cracks. In winter, after such injuries, it is recommended to go to a dry steam bath more often, preferably several times a week.

It is also very important not to give a damaged limbto remain motionless. After all, traffic is life. When moving, fluid leaves the joints of the finger, more blood brings useful substances to the damaged area.