Edema of the finger after removal of gypsum

Treatment after removal of gypsum depends on several factors. It's not a secret that after a prolonged immobilization (plaster bandage, langet), the functions of the joints of the leg or arm greatly decrease. Stiffness and swelling are the main complaints of patients after the removal of gypsum.

Quite often after a fracture a long time stilldisturb the pain and other unpleasant sensations both in the area of ​​the fracture, and in neighboring areas. This is because the damaged nerve can have a long length, and with a fracture the pain "gives" to the joints or toes.

Treatment of joint stiffness after gypsum

After the removal of the gypsum, there comes a period of treatment,which is called rehabilitation. This is a set of activities that the patient performs himself (for example, exercises after fracture of the ankle) or with the help of specialists - massage, physiotherapy.

It is an integrated approach, not just oneThe method of treatment helps to fully restore the mobility of the joint. There is it not for a day or a week, if the fracture is heavy or there was a displacement of bone fragments, rehabilitation can last several months.

The main role in the development of joints is assignedphysiotherapy exercises and walking (in some cases, you should start walking with crutches, then go to the cane, and only then the doctor allows a full load on the leg when walking.

Connecting the swimming to your complex facilitates the exercise and helps to develop the joint more quickly.

Treatment of edema after fracture

In addition to therapeutic gymnastics in the fight against puffinessphysiotherapy helps. Many often neglect the services of ordinary polyclinics, and in vain. Because it's enough to go to an appointment with a physiotherapist, so that you get a full treatment on modern devices.

After fractures, magnetotherapy andelectrophoresis. Sometimes a paraffin is prescribed. Even if the out-of-date equipment is not available in the clinic, Russian devices are quite capable of coping with the task set - physiatrists say this.

Very good, if you have the opportunity to find a professional masseur and undergo a massage course (10-15 sessions).

Preparations after removal of gypsum

In general, prescribe gels and ointments, whichhelp to reduce swelling - this Lyoton-1000, Troxevasin, heparin ointment. With pain, you can take a pill of pain medication, but remember that they often develop addiction and better consult a doctor.