Edema of the fingers allergy

Edema appears due to the accumulation of water in theorganism. Any violation in the work of the body has its own cause. To understand the true causes of edema can only a doctor. If you are suffering from severe swelling, do not delay the visit to the doctor.

One of the causes of edema isheart problems. In this situation, the heart muscles are very much under pressure, to cope with which, the muscles can be difficult. Because of this, the blood flow rate is much reduced and the body accumulates excess fluid. Usually, edema caused by heart disease starts from the feet. Then they pass to the upper part of the body, including hands. To remove the swelling from the feet and fingers of the hand will help rubbing and diuretic drugs.

During pregnancy in the blood of a woman decreasesthe amount of salt and protein, so water freely enters the muscle tissue. In late pregnancy, the uterus increases and clamps the lymph nodes, so by the evening the legs and the body of the pregnant woman swell. This happens in every pregnant woman, but in some it can provoke gestosis. In this case, the woman increases the amount of protein in the urine and has high blood pressure.

3. Disturbances in the work of the kidneys

Extra water from the body is excreted by the kidneys. But if they do not do their job enough, they should help a little. First of all, reduce the fluid intake. This simple method will help you avoid edema. Consult a doctor, he will prescribe diuretics for you. They cause the kidneys to work at maximum and "expel" excess fluid. But do not get carried away by them. Diuretics along with the liquid also remove useful substances from the body. Often, a person who takes a diuretic dizzy, there is nausea and loss of strength. With caution, you need to take pills for people with cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, do not self-medicate, take medication only under the supervision of your doctor.

4. Deterioration of the thyroid gland

When violations of the thyroid gland requires treatment. Insufficient hormones secreted by the thyroid gland can lead to a large accumulation of fluid in the body.

To avoid edema, doctors recommend severalOnce a day for 5 minutes, sit on all fours. In this situation, the pressure on the ureters is reduced and the fluid from the kidneys flows smoothly into the bladder, while not being lingering anywhere. To remove the swelling from the entire body and fingers is helped by such a pose.

Other causes of edema and ways to eliminate them

1. The use of salt in large quantities

Salt retains water in the body. Consuming it in large quantities can lead to problems with the kidneys, the heart and even the eyesight. If you begin to notice the puffiness of the face and other parts of the body, discard salt. In the early stages, salt can be removed from the body with clean water. Your diet should contain only those products that do not provoke thirst. If you are a big lover of salt try at least for a while to abandon the salt. You can use lemon juice to refuel.

Even a small bruise can causeswelling of the fingers. Given the rhythm of modern life, it's not a simple matter to hit somewhere. Injuries can overtake you anywhere. Especially often they are received by people who go in for sports. If the injury appears, inflammation and the injured area does not receive enough oxygen and nutrients. When getting an injury, the main thing is to reduce puffiness to a minimum. If the bruise is fresh, put something cold on him. This will help avoid bruising and swelling. Cold compresses from broth of herbs also help. Swelling of the fingers after trauma will help to remove the "Troxevasin" Gel and ointments after bruises. It is best to seek medical advice from a trauma doctor.

Allergic reaction often becomescause swelling of the fingers. Allergy to detergents, food, plants, animals all this leads to edema. If the cause of the allergy is chemicals that are contained in household chemicals, you simply need to wear gloves before cleaning. This will protect the delicate skin of the hands from the effects of aggressive ingredients and help you avoid edema. Consult an allergist doctor for an allergy medication.

Disturbance of blood circulation is one of the reasonsedema. Blood circulates throughout the body and the slightest clamping of the blood vessel can lead to the accumulation of excess fluid and harmful substances. In such a situation, only the doctor will help you restore the normal functioning of the circulatory system.

Swelling of the fingers due to the rings

Differences in temperature and atmospheric pressurecan lead to an increase or decrease in the thickness of the finger. This can happen even if you are all right with the internal organs. The ring on the finger often limits the flow of blood and other processes that occur in soft tissues. Do not wear a ring if they are a little tight and press. All this can cause severe swelling and even bruising of the fingers.

Methods for removing the swelling of the fingers

1. First rub the swollen fingers. With soft, massaging movements, you will increase the flow of blood to them and the swelling will subside. Stretch your fingers will help work on the keyboard, picking up small items and the usual cooking.

2. Go for a walk. Minutes 10-15 intense walking in the fresh air will increase blood circulation. If there is no time for a walk, do gymnastics at home. It will be enough only 10 minutes a day.

3. If you are obese, you are doubly prone to swelling. Schedule a diet that includes fresh vegetables, fruits, boiled meat. Completely eliminate salt from the diet and move as much as possible.

3. Raise your hands up. Swelling of the fingers can be removed in this way. It is enough to lift your fingers a little above the level of the heart for 30 seconds. Do this exercise several times a day.

4. If the puffiness of the fingers is a stable phenomenon for you, get yourself elastic gloves. They will exert a slight pressure on the fingers, thereby preventing the liquid from accumulating. To wear such gloves should be 30 minutes 3-4 times a day.

Ask your doctor to find out the true cause of this ailment. The edema of the fingers can be removed for a long time by adhering to these tips.

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