Fingers of fingers how to remove

For various reasons, human limbs canvary in size and swell. Often in the summer season, swelling may occur in pregnant women or in people who have problems with the cardiovascular system. Sometimes attempts to sharply remove the ring can injure the skin, causing the tumor to become larger.

It is important to notice the problem in time, as tightening can only exacerbate the process.

Why the ring is not removed

  • The small size of the product, because of which the finger is pressed, prevents the outflow of blood. It begins to accumulate in the limbs, which causes swelling;
  • Thickening of the finger can be a consequence of increased muscle tone due to stress. The muscles, getting ready to save the master, are reduced;
  • Swelling may be the reason for the accumulation of excess moisture due to heat, excessive consumption of salty foods. Often, swelling occurs in pregnant women.

The most effective methods of removing rings from the swollen fingers:

Using a thread. This method is the most difficult, however, one of the most effective. This will require a silk thread. But if it was not, then you can try any sliding thread. One end of the string is stretched under the metal, and the other is wrapped tightly on the finger, thus reducing its thickness. Then, rotating the short end of the thread, remove the ornament.

With the help of soap. In this case, you can remove the ring from a swollen finger by reducing the friction of the skin to allow it to slide freely over it. To do this, you can apply liquid soap, fat cream, lean oil. This method is effective for small swelling.

The following tips will help prevent errors by attempting to remove the ring from the swollen finger.

Do not attempt to remove it with one sharp movement. In this case, it is easy to injure the skin, which will lead to even more swelling.

If the cause of swelling is heat, then return the hands to the original form can be, lifting them above the heart line. Inflow of blood to the limbs will decrease, which will quickly cope with the problem.

Sometimes wearing a ring for many years does not causeinconveniences, however, the next morning some people are faced with the fact that it can not be removed, and the fingers look swollen. Edema can be associated with excessive intake of salty foods. In this case, it is necessary to remove excess salt, consuming more water, decoction of cowberry or any diuretic. By the middle of the day the swelling will pass.

The problem can also be in the folds of the finger, which aggravate the situation. You can ask someone to pull the skin and hold it while you pull the ring.

If you try to cope with the probleminjured finger, the wound should be disinfected with an antibacterial agent. It can be ethanol or aloe juice. In a day, the swelling should come off. If this did not happen, the skin became cyanotic, and the finger began to bend badly, then it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Another way to easily remove the ring from theincreased in the size of a finger, it is to hold your hands in cold water, and then raise them up for ten minutes. This will ensure the outflow of blood, due to which the edema will subside. To prevent the metal from contracting under the influence of cold, it is necessary to avoid contact of ice with the material.

Cooking salt can cope with the problem. In a saucepan with water, cooled to 15 degrees, pour in salt and put your hands into the water for 5 minutes.

To overcome the ailment it is possible and with the help of a compress withprocaine. It will help reduce pain and remove swelling. Also, the internal use of the anti-inflammatory drug is effective, but the result will have to wait a little longer.

When you need help?

If none of the above methods helpedget rid of jewelry, then you can go to the jewelry shop, where a specialist, using clippers, will cut the material. Repeat this procedure at home is by no means impossible. About decoration it is not worth worrying, because unlike the body, it is recoverable.

If the finger with an edema has found a cyanotic shade, it is not necessary to search for methods most how to remove the ring. it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor, since in this case there is a possibility of losing the limb.

The doctor enters into the affected organanti-inflammatory drug, apply a tourniquet on the arm. An excess of liquid is removed from the brush, at the same time the material is cut. After such a procedure, decoration can hardly be restored, but the limb will remain intact.

Nowadays, adornments made of tungsten are very popular. They practically can not be cut. Therefore, in such a situation, the finger is placed in a vice and compressed until the ornament breaks.

How correctly to wear rings?

  • Preference should be given to products made of noble metals;
  • it is necessary to regularly remove them before bed, during cleaning and contact with water;
  • in a timely manner, wash in a soapy solution and remove the coating with special compounds;
  • remove the ring or replace it with another when it has become small to you;
  • choosing jewelry, choose your choice of those who sit tight, but do not press;
  • in heat, at high temperature, pregnant women and people prone to puffiness is not recommended to wear jewelry.

Why dream of a ring on a finger?

This subject is a sign of changes in life,changes in the status of a person. In order to understand what these dreams can say, it is necessary to try to remember the details and try to analyze what they saw.

Decoration symbolizes a circle, unresolvedproblems, oaths and loyalties. If you dream of an engagement ring, then the husband will not change you. His loss speaks of future troubles. To see an object on a foreign person is to take someone's promises too close to the heart.

According to the dream book of Freud, this subject stands inAs a symbol of harmony, interaction and unity. Get it as a gift, says about the serious intentions of a loved one. If a married woman receives a gift, then a pleasant surprise awaits her. A broken decoration can warn you about health problems.

As for the ordinary ring, the interpretation can be as follows:

  • If a girl gets it in a dream - a young man dreams to associate his fate with her;
  • An embossed finger signifies that in real life a person is stingy to emotions to relatives;
  • Also, the dream book explains that removing an engagement ring or an ordinary ring from his finger, speaks of losses, quarrels and partings;
  • If you do not remove the ornament, then the reason for this is bondage in real life;
  • A fallen object warns of a serious life test, which fate prepared for the reason you did not restrain your vow;
  • A broken thing says about conflicts in the family or the impending break in the relationship of lovers;
  • Departure of the decoration speaks of the loss of communication with loved ones at will;
  • If you put a ring on your beloved, it means that you will keep him faithful.

To prevent difficulties with the removal of jewelry, they must be regularly removed and cleaned of plaque.

When a problem arises, recommenduse such means as soapy water, silk thread, ice. If such methods have proved ineffective, then you need to contact a specialist who saws the material.