Swelling of the feet and hands during pregnancy

Often, future moms, especially on latertiming, begin to notice the swelling of the extremities. As a rule, the first to begin to swell legs, which in most cases means an overabundance in the body of fluid. Revision of nutrition will help a woman to remove swelling of her legs. However, if there are swelling of the hands during pregnancy, as well as the lower abdomen or lower back, then you should immediately consult a doctor.

So, what causes swelling of the hands and how to get rid of these anxious signs? Consider in order.

My hands swell when I'm pregnant - why?

First of all, we will understand what the swelling of the hands is.

When a woman is at rest (more oftenall night), the tissues of the extremities are "poured" with liquid. This impressive "mass" accumulates in the wrists, thereby "blocking" the nerve responsible for the sensitivity of the fingers.

The result - in the morning the future mother feelstingling or burning in the fingers. Moreover, the beloved ring simply "digs" into the skin of the finger and remove it is not possible. Let's see what can affect the appearance of swelling of the fingers during pregnancy.

  1. The hormonal background is changing. Multiple increase in the amount of progesterone in the female body is necessary in order to avoid the threat of miscarriage. Simultaneously, progesterone provokes a delay and accumulation of fluid.
  2. Increases blood volume during pregnancy. In its new position, the body must fully support the life of the mother and child. Since the blood performs a "transportation" function, during pregnancy the need for it increases several times. Edema on the hands and feet is a "side effect" of such changes.
  3. Puffiness of the hands as the primary sign of gestosis. In this case, edema appears as a result of "seepage" of fluid from blood vessels into the tissues of the body. This is an extremely disturbing symptom that requires immediate medical intervention.

We get rid of edema of the hands during pregnancy