Puffiness of the toes

Numbness is usually a temporary loss of skin sensitivity. which is accompanied by tingling, burning or crawling crawling. Resistant numbness of toes refers to the symptomatology that characterizesdisturbance of blood supply and innervation, therefore it is a signal of unhappiness in the upper parts of the body, possibly requiring immediate medical assistance.

Doctors-vertebrologists of the "Clinic of Dr. Ignatiev" Kiev often observe numbness of the toes in patients with different degrees of degenerative-dystrophic changes in the spine. As a rule, this is not the only symptom, but often numbness begins as a single manifestation long before the beginning of the main clinical picture. In any case, persistent numbness of the toes - this is cause for concern and an immediate visit to an experienced specialist, the reception of which is possible after the preliminary recording.

Causes of numbness of toes

  • Osteochondrosis of lumbar vertebral columnpill - 90% of cases of numbness of the toes are associated with this diagnosis, and most often the symptom is manifested with protrusions and hernias of intervertebral discs;
  • Oncological pathologies of the spine and peripheral nerves;
  • Tuberculosis of the spine;
  • Diabetes mellitus, other metabolic and hormonal disorders;
  • Tunnel leg syndrome occurs when squeezingof the nerve trunk, for example, of the popliteal nerve when in an uncomfortable position or in the same type of work associated with the contraction of a certain group of muscles, which, squeezing, squeezes the nerve fibers.
  • Raynaud's disease is a spasmodic reaction of small arteries due to disorders of the nervous regulation of their activity;
  • Multiple sclerosis with central and peripheral nervous system damage;
  • Neuritis, arthritis, microinsults and other pathologies.

Diagnosis with numbness of the toes requirescompulsory clarification of the cause of this condition. For this, various instrumental techniques are used: spine X-ray, ultrasound of vessels, computer and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, and others.

Treatment of numbness of toes

Any therapeutic intervention should beFirst of all, they are aimed at eliminating the causative factor of the disease, one of the manifestations of which is numbness of the toes. It is necessary to restore the patency of the vessels feeding the lower limbs, and to release the nerve fibers from the squeezed state. The following methods are used for this:

  • Drug Therapy - Anti-inflammatorydrugs, painkillers, muscle relaxants, preparations for improving peripheral blood supply, vitamins, mineral complexes, chondroprotectors - they all help to eliminate edema and muscle spasm, restore the trophism of the pathological zone and the entire lower limb.
  • Infectious and oncological pathologies, metabolic and hormonal disorders require specific therapy aimed at the source of all the disorders that have arisen;
  • Among local impacts, great importancegiven to manual therapy, medical gymnastics, physiotherapy - due to their long and systematic effects, favorable conditions are created for removing muscle and joint blocks, restoring blood flow, strengthening muscle tissue with good nutrition and innervation of the lower limbs.
  • Nontraditional methods - acupuncture, leech therapy, stone therapy, moxotherapy and others - help to consolidate success from other methods of treatment.

Doctors of Kiev "Doctor Ignatiev Clinic"try to make the most of all their opportunities to restore normal sensitivity of the skin of the legs, as well as to eliminate other disorders that most often occur in lumbar osteochondrosis and its complications. It is important to begin treatment in a timely manner - only so patients can quickly achieve recovery.

Olga - Ukraine (09/04/2016 in 14:12)

Good morning! Tell me please, should I worry and see a doctor if I have numb fingers during the last 2 weeks? Just the last two months I've been running the waiter. Or the feet will get used and everything will be gud. Thank you so much.

If this numbness does not pass, then it is necessary to find out what the problem is.

Aminat - Mountain View, CA, United States (04/09/2016 at 13:16)

Hello, please help me all, all the backbone, joints, head, vision deteriorated, I have a hernia of the lumbar spine, osteoporosis of the cervical spine

With osteoporosis, our technique is absolutely contraindicated. Refer for medical treatment to a neurologist. with respect

Olga - Ukraine (March 25, 2016 at 20:05)

Hello, I'm 48. About three months ago, 3 and 4 fingers on the left foot and a foot near the fingers began to dull, and a month ago the same happened with the right foot. Fingers feel like strangers, petrified, as if rewound by something and something is hampering between the fingers. feelings are permanent. Prompt to what doctor will address, what inspections it is necessary to spend.

Many doctors deal with the problems of such a plan - neuropathologist, traumatologist, vascular surgeon and vertebroneurologist. Only with a personal examination, the doctor can identify the cause of numbness. Yours faithfully

Olga - North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany (24.03.2016 at 21:41)

Good afternoon.
5 days after the visit to the orthopedist (doctorgave me vertebrae) felt a partial onyx of the little finger, the ring finger and middle finger of the right leg. During the day, I almost do not feel it, only with the pressure on the fingertips fingers I feel a tingling sensation, but in the morning, I get up like a cotton swab and feel a tingling sensation. I thought uncomfortable shoes, after various tests I found out, the reason lies not in this.
Because of the internal minisk of both knees I wear special elastin tubes.
I registered with a doctor on 4 April, beforeas again to go to him, I would like to get a consultation with you. Of course, I would immediately went to you, but I live in Germany. And I plan to come to Kiev only in the summer. Maybe you'll tell me something.
Thank you in advance

Unfortunately, remotely solving your problem is notit will turn out. It is necessary to conduct an examination, as it can be both tunnel syndromes in the legs, and the manifestation of the osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine. It is also necessary to make an MRI. If the problem is not solved before summer - sign up for a consultation. Yours faithfully

nargila - Tashkent, Toshkent Shahri, Uzbekistan (on March 9, 2013 at 10:45 am)

Hello to me 38 at me varices for a long time already,legs hurt and still hurt before I fall asleep. In the last half of the year, my fingers ache to ache, then my toes swell up in the morning and I get up on my feet quietly and then not very much. The back also hurts. And gradually all the joints along the chain begin to ache. Knees crunching. When I climb up the ladder, I feel the pain. tell me who to contact and what will help me

Varicose veins of the lower extremities are performed by vascular surgeons. You can also contact the vertebroneurologist to clarify the relationship with the spine. Yours faithfully

Tatyana - Odessa, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine (25.02.2016 at 21:53)

Hello. I'm 57 years old. For a year and a half, I have a feeling that my left leg is as if under a current. I addressed to the neuropathologist, did ultrasound of the vessels (dopplerography of the arteries and veins of the lower limbs) -nothing serious was revealed, treatment was prescribed, but it did not help. Now on the other leg began to disturb the ring finger. He is constantly numb, when walking hurts the entire foot. I try to wear only wide shoes, but it does not help. Please help - to whom I need to go and how to treat it.

Dear Tatiana, you need to do first of all MRI of the waist - it will help you to make the correct diagnosis.

Petr - Krasnoyarsk, 91, Russian Federation (10/18/2015 at 20:22)

Hello. I am 32 years old. On my feet several nodules appeared in the veins / in the evenings malaise and dizziness / I always want to lie down / now my left thumb has become very dense and when I change my posture nothing helps. What drugs and vitamins will help in this situation? And how to reduce cholesterol in the blood in the shortest possible time? Thanks in advance for the answer

Consultant: You need consultation phlebologist, neurologist and vertebrologist for detailed diagnosis.

Sveta - Gatchina, Leningrad, Russian Federation (10/14/2015 at 11:37 pm)

Hello! After cesarean section (epidural anesthesia was used), I noticed that I did not feel a part of the skin on the big toe of my right leg. At first I thought that it was a hackney, but it does not pass at all! It took 5 months after the operation. Of the accompanying symptoms, some vertebrae in the thoracic and lumbar parts ache, with circular movements of the head to the left side there is a crunch two times. Tell me, what could it be? To what expert to address and what inspections to make?

Consultant: Numbness is a frequent occurrence after anesthesia. The crunch in the cervical spine indicates instability of the vertebrae. Stop any movements in the cervical region that cause a crunch. Address to vertebrologu.

Tatiana - Ukraine (12.10.2015 в 00:31)

Hello! I am 24 years old. As soon as the cold starts, my index finger on the left leg begins to numb. No painful sensations, just a partial loss of sensitivity and ... like, the chill in the finger is felt. Only the leg warms up, the sensations are normalized. With the rest of your fingers this does not happen. Tell me, please, is it normal or should I see a doctor? Thank you!

Consultant: To exclude any pathology, contact a neurologist.

Tatiana - Togliatti, Samara, Russian Federation (22.09.2015 at 20:59)

Hello! I have been feeling numbness of toes for 3 months already. To numbness short-term stitching-cutting pains (like needles piercing fingers) were added and numbness spread to the sole of the feet near the fingers. Can this be a serious illness? About me: 45 years old, early climax, high blood pressure, after taking gorm.preparatov (gynecological disease) greatly increased in weight. Thanks in advance! Good for you!

Mirt of the lower back necessary.

Aliya - Karaganda, Qaraghandy, Kazakhstan (16/09/2015 at 04:26)

Hello, I have a right leg hurting when walking, or, more precisely, my fingers and a foot stop, my fingers do not even move, I can see the swelling of my legs from above ... what can I do? Thank you in advance

Change your shoes, maybe it's tight.

Natalia - Ukraine (27th July 2012 at 13:16)

Hello. At me as 5 days the big finger on a leg or foot is numb and uncomfortably aches a bit at walking. There are protrusions in the lumbar part and an erased vertebra. Sugar is normal 5.2. This leg has chronic lympho-venous insufficiency. To what doctor to address? Thank you. Natalia Mikhailovna

First of all to the orthopedist-traumatologist and the vascular surgeon, and only after them to us. Yours faithfully

Sabina - Russian Federation (7/23/2015 at 10:28 pm)

Hello)) my thumb was numb,such before, when there was not. And it hurts the area of ​​the chest and scapula, sometimes it even hurts to breathe ... Can this be something serious, and advise where I can go?

Primarily, consult a cardiologist, and if everything is good there, then the consultation of the vertebrologist. Probably cause in the cervical spine.

Angelina - Ukraine (17.07.2015 at 20:54)

Good evening. I am 21 years old. 5 days ago I felt that the big toe of my left foot was numb, there was a loss of sensitivity, a constant feeling that I had "lain" it. Tell me please, what can you do about this and what can help me?

Address to the traumatologist if the problem is only in the finger. Maybe the reason is in uncomfortable shoes.

Maria - Mountain View, CA, United States (13.07.2015 at 09:45)

Hello, I'm 28 years old, and for several years now II feel partial numbness of the big toes. Sometimes I try to pinch my fingers to the pain, causing sensitivity. Can I be right that the reason for the disease is the halus-valgus. I have the curvature of the big toes.
Thanks in advance.

Numbness in the fingers occurs with vascular orneurological damage. Halus valgus is a deformation of bones and joints, does not cause these symptoms at this stage. Therefore, it is necessary to find out what the nerve is infringing all along (more likely the problem is at the spinal or brain level) or causes a circulatory disturbance. With respect.

Talgat - Kazakhstan (11.07.2015 at 21:23)

Hello, I'm a guy, I'm 23 years old. The day before yesterday, towards the evening, my right lower leg ache got sick. I can not say that the pain is strong, rather exhausting, distracting all attention to myself, while I had ice feet and hands (which I did not notice before with myself). The next day (yesterday) I woke up without pain, but closer to the evening I felt heat flushes in my leg below the knee, tides lasted for several seconds, and were repeated about every hour. Today there were no "tides", but there were pains in the groin and hip fold, the same as on the first day. What could it be?

It is more likely that these are neurological symptoms fromlumbar spine. Also you need to remember about the vessels. You are recommended to carry out ultrasound of lower limb vessels and MRI of the lumbar region. With the results of the examinations can make an appointment. With respect.

Anzhelika - Russian Federation (on July 3, 2015 at 17:49)

Hello. I'm 25 years old. a few days ago, dressed shoes narrowed to the fingers. After that, for several days, the thumb on the right leg was partially numb. At this point there is not a big natoptysh, I thought because of it, but after its removal the problem has not disappeared. Tell me please what can it be?

For examination, you must consult a surgeon or traumatologist. We do not deal with such a problem.

Sergey - Saint Petersburg, Sankt-Peterburg, Russian Federation (02.07.2015 at 16:22)

Hello! I'm 32 years old, I have a problem, I feel a rattling of all the toes and a slight tingling sensation. In the same way my calf muscles became numb. I would like to know the cause of this disease. Best regards, Sergei.

Make MRI pictures of the neck and lower back and come to the consultation. You have problems in the spine, there are protrusions that made themselves felt.

Elena - Omsk, Omsk, Russian Federation (24.06.2015 at 08:00)

Hello! To me 24 years. At me 2,3,4 fingers of both legs grow dumb. Because of what it can be? And how is it treated?

There are many reasons, but symmetrical numbnessmore likely points to systemic processes, ranging from polnyheropatii and pumping the brain. The problem should be disassembled individually, having all the symptoms. With respect.

Roman - Ukraine (14.06.2015 at 17:04)

I have had several days of numbness in largetoes stop, but not the entire finger, only the inner half of the first phalanx. I think that this is due to the change of shoes. Just these days I started wearing new sandals and very long (about 15 hours a day). But rest and kneading do not eliminate numbness. Tell me what to do?

Use a variety of ointments, do not use untilgiven shoes, you can drink anti-inflammatory (nimesil). If the time does not become easier or the situation recurs - contact a doctor. With respect.

Yuri - Brooklyn, NY, United States (06/05/2015 at 17:30)

My problem is a strong spasmodic of the feet of both legs, as well as the toes, ankles and calf muscles, especially with the onset
And also at night, in the morning before dawn. Boles in the lumbar spine. Murashki in the stupni.Pri described spasms, pain in the feet net.Est as if the stinging of feet, heels, shins and
muscles of the legs with a slight loss of sensitivity.
The doctor gave me steroid injections in the arealumbar spine. After 3 weeks, the effect is zero. Do not want to do steroids, tell me what to do, it's very difficult to walk. The doctor says it's paresthesia, the nerves in the lower back are squashed. Where are you going? Your opinion, please. The lessons were done for removal pain, but it is not.
And spasms as were and have remained.

Conduct an MRI of the waist, here you can not allow - you need to see the true problem. With respect.

Victoria - Russian Federation (7th April 2012 at 21:37)

Hello, began to notice that a small part of the big toe of the right foot is constantly numb-just below the nail. There was no trauma, it was not in the cold. What could it be?!

Most likely this lesion of the nerve roots in the lumbar spine, also do not forget about the possible vascular pathology. With respect.

Anton - Russian Federation (1/16/2015 at 11:26 PM)

At Christmas, in the frost was a long time on the street,now a little more than a week as the fingers on the right foot, namely the large, index. the average numb. Movable, but the feeling of a bud is a stone, not mine. It was the same with the little finger on his right hand, but he had already passed, but his leg was not yet there. Tell me what to do and what doctors to contact, if necessary?

Contact the burn center. It's like frostbite. Yours faithfully.

Kostya - Ukraine (01.12.2014 at 01:55)

Hello, a little numbness between a largefinger and the second and part of the second finger as well if these fingers are lifted up then there is a sharp pain in this area, there is already more than half a year .... what it can be and to what doctor to address? Thank you.

Address to vertebrologu, can enter the name on internal consultation to us. Most likely, you will need an MRI of the neck. Yours faithfully.

George - (11/04/2014 at 6:27 pm)

On which points of the body to put leeches and how many pieces to treat the protrusion of the L2-S1 disc? How many sessions? How better, every day or every other day? Thank you.

Places to choose the doctor at the time of the procedure. Receptions take place after 1-2 days. Yours faithfully.

Olga - Russian Federation (6/22/2014 at 1:17 pm)

Hello! Three months ago she gave birth with epidural anesthesia. Now my thumb is numb on both legs! With what it can be connected and to what specialist can you apply?

Address to vertebrologu, and better spend MRT of a lumbar department to clear a picture. It may be associated with the infringement of the lumbar roots, diseases of the vessels. With respect!

Lyudmila - (on 05/26/2014 in 06:18)

Hello.At me a numbness on the right leg or foot from a knee on an external part of a femur. When walking and when I'm sitting, the burning and tingling intensifies, all this rises up to the groin. I made an MRI diagnosis. Osteochondrosis of the nth to the vertebral column complicated by the posterior hernia of the intercostal disk with 45 protrusions between the calls. disks L 23 L 34 and L 5 1 with signs of secondary relative spinal stenosis at the level of segments L 34 and L 45. Deforming spondylosis. Chlamorous knots of Schmorl bodies Th 12- L 5 vertebrae. Scoliosis 1 degree according to Chaklinu. They named the treatment all done but after a month everything in the old what to do I do not know help. PRANAME THANKS

Although you have problems with the spine, a diagnosiscould be put not true. Symptoms are characteristic of Bernhardt-Roth's disease. Start with a competent consultation, and then proceed to treatment. With respect!

Alenka - (01/31/2014 at 00:08)

exactly a week ago, was in the frost for a long time, then the toe was numb.
sensitivity returns, but very slowly
and still visible swelling of the feet
Is it related?
what to do?

Consultant: It's like frostbite. Contact a trauma center if you see a negative dynamics or changes appear on the skin.

Irina - (1/18/2014 at 06:58)

For a long time (about six months) I feel numbnesstoes. feeling like after frostbite, swelling of the fingers, as if from the inside, without an external manifestation of puffiness and tingling. The fingers are mobile, but the sensation is like strangers, petrified. I do regular gymnastics and massage, but the symptoms do not go away. In my town, I can not be diagnosed in any way. What should I do?

You still have to go to the doctors, without this it is impossible to understand the problem. Stop self-treatment immediately.

Vladimir - (06/09/2013 в 06:27)

Hello. Already 7days, as the ring finger on the left leg was numb. Numbness is permanent. Thank you.

Consultant: Address to the neuropathologist. It is necessary to conduct an MRI of the head, if everything is normal there - a lumbar MRI.

Inna - (05/16/2013 at 14:48)

Good afternoon! Several months ago, I noticed the numbness of the thumb of my left leg. Partial loss of sensitivity of soft tissues from the nail. I would like to clarify what measures should be taken to diagnose and detect violations or illness.

Consultant: You need to apply for diagnosis, there can be very many reasons. Starting from a hernia in the lumbar region and ending with foci in the GM.

Michael - Kiev, Misto Kyyiv, Ukraine (24.04.2013 at 20:31)

Hello, I'm 61 years old, type 2 diabetes is already 13 years old, the indications of sugar are different: from 6 to 13. Already 5 years I have a weekly shooting night pain and numbness in the 2nd toe of the left leg. The pains do not allow to sleep and are not removed in any way. He also addressed to endocrinologists, angio-surgeons, neuropathologists, orthopedists, neurosurgeons - everything is useless: they spread their hands and send on - "This is not our ...". In general (except for endocrinologists) all nod at diabetes. And it seems to me that it is more like a tunnel syndrome. Maybe you will recommend something, and then it's completely tortured, the pain is every 7 days, as per the schedule.

Consultant: You need to be treated by neurologists. Unless you havespecific complaints in our profile.