Remove puffiness in the legs of gout exacerbation

Gout occurs when the purines are exchanged incorrectly. Because of this, salts formed from
uric acid.

Crystalline deposits are deposited in the articular sac, causing severe inflammation. To understand, what to do with an acute attack of gout. It is necessary to find out how the disease is born. Uric acid - an indispensable product of metabolism, which occurs in any organism. It creates the decay of cells of so-called purines of endogenous significance. The body removes it with kidneys, liver.

Medication for an acute attack

Rheumatologists remove acute manifestationsnonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. For example, Diclofenac or Indomethacin, 25-50 mg, with regularity 4 times a day. The drugs are canceled at the end of the seizures. Also, how to relieve an acute attack of gout. it is necessary to prepare selective blockers. These drugs have a very mild effect on the stomach. Among them:

It is necessary to reduce the risks of side effects of NSAIDs. They can negatively affect the liver, the digestive tract, and also the kidneys. Works well Kolkhitsin. This is a highly effective drug. More information on the cure for gout Colchicine is described in this article (article # 6). Possible internal administration of GCS, if there are no contraindications.

The drug Colchicine. is the best among modern drugs,affecting the exchange of uric acid. This drug is used for acute or acute attacks of gout, otherwise known as acute gouty arthritis. For preventive use, this drug is combined with uricosuric drugs, as well as with Mediterranean fever, and other attacks of acute chondrocalcinosis.

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How to stop an acute attack?

Unfortunately, an acute attack is one of the first manifestations of gout. In this case acute attack of gout treatment can demand suddenly. He comes at night and can noticeably soften, if necessary measures are taken. After the previous recommendations for resting have been fulfilled, ice must be applied to the sore spot, avoiding frostbite. This is done in the case of particularly severe pain, before the arrival of a doctor. There are enough 10 minutes.

At the very beginning of the disease arresting a gout attack requires increasing the intake of liquids. During an acute attack, drugs for urate withdrawal do not work. Instead, take to drink more liquids, giving preference to the alkaline composition:

You need to drink at least 3 liters a day.

It is very important not to wait for exacerbations to treat the disease purposefully. Finding out, how to treat an acute attack of gout. be sure to take care of the full course of treatment. It is necessary to reconsider a way of life - it should become healthy.

Usually treatment between seizures includesseveral measures. One of them is the normalization of weight. Also you need to eliminate food from foods that are rich in purines, alcohol and beer. In special cases, the treatment regimen should be reviewed, when diuretics are used, it may be necessary to exclude them.