Puffiness of the joints of the feet and hands

Female 55 years.
Russia Ivanovo

Good afternoon, Eduard Romanovich! I am 55 years old, weight 78 kg, height 156 cm.
I feel a strong discomfort in the last year or two: swelling and hands. feet. Sore joints in the joints of the legs, the left elbow, sometimes the shoulder, pain while walking the foot and periodically in the hip joints, pain and deformity (small) in the phalanges of the fingers. Cervical, thoracic and lumbar osteochondrosis
There is a moderate arthrosis of the feet. From the age of 30 diagnosed vegetovascular dystonia, later myocardial dystrophy, single systoles.
There is a rheumatic factor in the blood (one plus). There is no redness and fever. Rheumatism did not set.
Question: Why can there be puffiness?
Does it make sense to take diuretics? Can it be interconnected: the joints are the heart? Which doctor should you consult with a joint problem: a rheumatologist, a surgeon or a neurologist or does it make sense not to be loaded with medicines, because the results may be small, but you will spoil your stomach? Preparations (bada) such as inoltra, joint flex, is there any sense to drink? Accept terrafleks - got allergies. Thank you!