The cause of swelling of the feet

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The foot is the lower leg section, which allowsa person to walk, stand, etc. There are so many different problems associated with stops that there is a whole separate branch of medicine that deals exclusively with the study of the foot. If the problem is related to one of the bones of the foot, see the description of BONUS (PROBLEMS) and the description below.

Since the feet are associated with walking, theysymbolize the movement forward, development. Problems with feet indicate that a person does not develop, does not move forward. He either feels some kind of fear that stops him, or allows others to restrain their development. He is not confident in himself and can not give his life the right direction. Problems with stops can also arise if a person feels that he is stuck, stumbles in one place. But it can be a person who is not tightly attached to the earth or the physical world and would like to escape from reality. Some false fears force him to leave the material world into the spiritual world or fantasy world. The pain in the foot often follows a person who is afraid that they can kick him, that is, they will be fired or otherwise suspended from performing any functions.

If the pain in the foot becomes worse at rest,this suggests that a person does not allow himself to rest. He is too in a hurry to reach the goal, is making too much effort, because he evaluates himself in accordance with what and how he can do.

Stop is a very important part of your physicalbody. The feet support you and let you move forward. They tell you that you must move cheerfully and easily without straining yourself. Your feet are constantly in contact with our caring Mother Earth, so the problems with them say that you should stand firm on your feet, be here and now, trust the world and your intuition. Boldly move forward and do not hesitate to use the means that you consider necessary for this movement. Do not let others step on your heels. So you will accumulate a wealth of experience and discover new abilities in yourself. Feel confident, and Life will support you.

Spiritual causes and elimination

In order to understand the spiritual causes thatinterfere with the satisfaction of the important need of your sincere self, ask yourself the questions listed in the material monadotherapy. Answers to these questions will allow you, not only to more accurately determine the true cause of your physical problem, but also to eliminate it.

A source: Listen to your best friend's body on earth