Increased edema of the legs

The swelling of the legs is observed in many people, especially the elderly. If you notice that by the evening you have swollen the lower leg, then you need to visit a specialist.

The human body consists of almost 70% water, of whichmost of the liquid is located in the cells, and the rest is between the cells. As soon as there is an increase in the volume of fluid in the intercellular space, it threatens with puffiness. The cause of edema of the lower extremities may be the development of a disease. If the swelling becomes more noticeable with time and does not pass, most likely it is the lymphostasis of the legs. Lymphostasis is a pathology in which the lymph flow stops completely, while the lower limbs of a person suffer particularly. Women are subject to this process almost 5 times more often than the male sex.

How to get rid of swelling of the feet

There are many factors that contribute tothe appearance of swelling of the lower extremities. These are cardiovascular diseases, kidneys, veins, disruption of the lymphatic vessels, etc. Swelling of the legs during pregnancy mostly occurs in women with congenital pathology.

It is worth noting that with poor lymph flow, not only swelling appears, but also a slow removal of toxins from the body. This causes an unpleasant itch of the skin.

Swelling can be easily felt. When pressing on the inflamed leg, there is a depression that slowly passes. At low temperatures, or with prolonged rest, swelling is markedly reduced. This happens at the initial stage of the disease. If you do not take any measures to eliminate the causes of morbidity, after a while the lower limbs can acquire a dark color, keratinization. In addition, it becomes difficult for a person to walk because of pain in the legs.

When pressing on the inflamed leg, there is a depression

To get rid of swelling of the legs, you needTo visit or attend the doctor who will put to you the correct diagnosis. Self-treatment can lead to the opposite effect. Treatment of edema of the lower extremities is not easy. Usually, specialists are assigned to complex treatment - physical and medicamentous.

When physical treatment is recommended

  • more often to keep the edematous leg at a height, by placing a pillow under it;
  • Regularly carry out a special massage of the lower limbs, which will help the more active movement of lymph. In this case, the swelling of the legs will obviously subside, and the leg in the volume may decrease to 15 cm;
  • good results will bring and physiotherapy. In this case, the obligatory condition is the use of bandaging of the diseased leg.

Keep your feet at a height

  • most common drug to improvemicrocirculation is detraleks. It is used in the diagnosis of venous-lymphatic insufficiency. The agent has almost no side effects. It can be used even for pregnant women;
  • trokserutin, venoruton and vapor are prescribed for edema of the first and second stages. They can improve the tone of the veins and improve the lymph flow.
  • lymphomiasis increases the level of metabolism, and also stimulates the release of toxic substances from tissues;
  • drugs vobenzim and phlogenzyme are decongestant, anti-inflammatory, and also enhance immunity;
  • use of diuretics, for examplefurassemide, will help to drain the liquid from the tissue. However, experts believe that this method of treating leg lymphostasis is not very effective, as the volume of fluid is quickly restored.

Folk methods for the treatment of puffiness of the feet

With swelling of the lower limbs in the people alreadymany years apply a compress, which includes baked onions and birch tar. Onions, not cleansing from the husks bake in the oven. Then clean and add a tablespoon of birch tar. Compress to put on your foot and hold all night. The course of treatment is 60 days.

For the medicinal mixture, take 350 g of honey and 250 g of garlic. The composition is insisted for seven days. Take three times a day for one tablespoon before meals. The course of treatment is two months.

It is recommended to drink twice a day a drink: a glass of water, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, cooked at home, a teaspoon of honey.

Sometimes doctors for the disposal of puffiness in the legs use medical leeches, the use of which significantly reduces puffiness. And this increases the activity of patients.

With lymphostasis, the therapeuticphysical culture. Doctors advise swimming or walking with sticks. It is also good to perform the necessary exercises at least twice a day. In this case, you need to use special golf. Medical gymnastics should be done every day.

Video how to deal with leg swelling

Also, to get rid of swelling of the legsyou must adhere to a strict diet. It is known that people who have excess weight suffer mainly from swelling. In the diet of such patients should be as less salt and liquid.

Also, try to eat low-calorie food. In the menu include more sour-milk products, vegetables, fruits.