Venous leg swelling

Lyudmila Shuikova Profi (574), closed 3 years ago

Alina Sakharova Enlightened (20561) 3 years ago

When you have to stand for a long time, step over,roll the feet from toe to heel and back. During any break, raise your legs above the level of the heart. In the evening it is good to make cool baths with a turn and massage from stops to hips.
from preparations the tincture of a horse chestnut well helps.

pro-psi Guru (3811) 3 years ago

Good night, puffiness of the legs (pastoznost) inmost cases occur not only with venous insufficiency, most likely you have associated diseases: for example, hypertension, etc. Among local drugs, it is quite effective to apply ointment gepatrombin, troxerutin. Consultation of phlebologist and vascular surgeon is necessary

Irima Artificial Intelligence (137683) 3 years ago

when diagnosed, then the treatment is prescribed. it's so individual. You will not remove swelling at one time. I, for example, take courses Venarus or Detralex, I treat the main disease with a plus. Do ultrasound of the vessels of the legs and visit the phlebologist, the rest he will explain to you