Why swelling of the legs

kameya Guru (3881), closed 7 years ago

Lu Mai Artificial Intelligence (136624) 7 years ago

There are very different causes of swelling of the legs.One of them is a standing job, insufficient liquid removal of the kidneys, excessive consumption of salty foods that cause water to linger. Excess weight. If the puffiness is long and large enough, it is advisable to consult a doctor, to be examined. To understand the reason for this. There can be quite serious deviations in the work of the heart and kidneys. If the puffiness is not constant, then you can fight it with the help of folk medicine. To drink diuretics, green tea is a very good diuretic, and in general is useful in all respects-an antioxidant strongest, cancer prevention , the normalization of pressure, contains a large number of minerals and vitamins. Try, only drink 3-4 cups of green tea a day. I wish health!

Careful with desires Oracle (83315) 7 years ago

Swelling of the feet is often a consequenceproblems associated with a violation of the circulation of fluid in the body, which is retained in the tissues. This contributes to overweight, lack of movement and a long standing on the legs. Saving from morning swelling and such a simple recipe: buy in the evening a bunch of fresh parsley (or pick up on your bed) - grams of 100-150, thoroughly wash and slowly eat without salt before dinner or instead. If you do this regularly, then soon you will not remember the swelling. Try to eat unsalted food.

Olesya Orakul (70901) 7 years ago

First of all, you have to go to the therapist's doctor and check your heart if you need to refer to a cardiologist without knowing the cause of the edema, how you can treat it