Edema of the left foot

Hello. I am 73 years old.I have the initial stage of varicose veins. I drink detralex the third month. Tried to wear medical jersey, but nothing happened, because immediately the feet are sprinkled with an allergic rash. The illness, in my opinion, does not yet progress, because I am engaged twice a day in special exercises (beetles) and I squat every day 100 times. Everything would be like nothing, but the last time has become a little swollen left foot in the area of ​​the foot, especially the sole of the toes. It hurts to attack, fingers grow numb and grow colder, the swelling either decreases or increases. It seems to me that it depends on the amount of liquid drunk. What is it, the effects of varicose veins or something else ?.

Edema of the foot due to varicose veinsWith allowance for pain, it is necessary to study the arteries of the lower extremities (duplex scanning) and ultrasound of soft tissues and joints. Start with an examination with an angiologist or a vascular surgeon. Sincerely, Stanislav Anatolyevich.

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