Swelling on the legs at 37 weeks gestation

Throughout the pregnancy, the baby is activelydevelops and grows rather quickly, and when the term of "interesting position" is 36-37 weeks, the baby is already fully formed and is waiting for the soon birth. The crumb is already considered full and if she wants to see the world sooner than after forty weeks, then this is absolutely normal.

According to many moms,pregnancy is nine months, but 37 obstetric weeks of pregnancy are the beginning of the tenth month of bearing a child. In gynecology terms are considered a little different: the term of full term pregnancy is 280 days. If you translate them in months, then they will be ten, not nine.

What is the fruit in 36-37 weeks?

In 36-37 weeks, the fetus can already be safely calledchild, because all his organs are fully formed, and also there is a scalp and marigold. The growth of crumbs is approximately 48 centimeters, and the weight is about three kilograms. The baby gaining weight of 30 grams daily, including 15 grams of subcutaneous fat.

The baby's lungs in 36-37 weeks are developed enough,but are still turned off from the circulatory system. At childbirth in the heart of the baby will open a valve through which the lungs will receive blood, which will be saturated with oxygen. At this time in the brain of the child formed a protective shell of a huge number of cell membranes. This shell is called the myelin layer. This process is just beginning, and will continue throughout the first year of life of the baby, helping to develop coordination of movements. The grasping reflex, which is congenital, works well, starting from the 36th week of pregnancy.

Already at the beginning of 37 weeks of pregnancy cartilage spoutand the ears become stiffer, and in boys the testicles descend into the scrotum. The child processes the received information from the surrounding world even in a dream. A child's sleep consists of two phases:

  1. Fast phase. when the brain activity rises, and muscle tone decreases. This phase takes from 30 to 60 percent of sleep, while in an adult it is 80 percent.
  2. Slow phase. when the muscles of the crumbs relax, the pressure goes down and general tranquility sets in.

What can happen at the end of the third trimester of pregnancy?

When the gestation period is already at 37week, then a woman may have training fights. which are the forerunners of childbirth. Such signs can appear as a couple of weeks before childbirth, and for a few days. Sometimes, before the delivery, the pregnant woman may not even notice these symptoms. Also in 36 - 37 weeks of pregnancy, swelling can disappear, which also indicates the approach of delivery.

Usually at 36-37 weeks the doctor directspregnant on ultrasound, in order to make sure that everything is in order with the child. Such a survey is done due to the fact that during pregnancy, albeit in rare cases, at a period of 37 weeks, a woman may have a lack of water. which is a bad sign, affecting:

  1. The course of labor. The amniotic bladder becomes flat and unable to perform the function of the wedge that opens the cervix. Childbirth becomes protracted and exhausting. In addition, a large number of women with such a symptom generally can not give birth naturally.
  2. Child's state. Ambulatory water is needed for the baby for normalexistence in the womb. When the water is small, the uterus begins to pinch the baby from all sides, which leads to deformation of the skull, clubfoot, congenital dislocation of the thighs. Sometimes, with low salivary, pregnancy becomes frozen.
  3. Postpartum condition. After giving birth, there is a high risk of severe bleeding from the vagina.