Severe swelling on hands and feet

My fingers swelled strongly on my left hand, more preciselythumb and forefinger. I can not bend, it's hard. There is a slight anemia, a touch feel. Redness on the knob of the index finger. It's not exactly a bite, it's already winter, did not go to the tropics. I do not have any allergies to products. There were no bruises either.
Tell me, could this be due to the fact that the other day strongly raised a bag weighing 10 kg? Or there are more serious reasons.

Yours faithfully,

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Most likely that you did not just raise such aheaviness, and for a while they held the canopy. There was a clamping of blood vessels, nerve fibers. Make a compress with Dimexidum 1: 4, contact if it is better not to consult a surgeon.
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