How to relieve leg swelling in pregnant women

Women in the "position" often wondered how to removeswelling of the legs during pregnancy. From the first weeks of pregnancy, future moms notice that before comfortable shoes suddenly begin to press, become tight and uncomfortable.

By evening, the unbearable weight in the legs prevents you from relaxing and falling asleep. And outwardly the legs look not so attractive.

Doctors associate swelling of the legs during pregnancy withweakening of the vessel wall due to intensive production of progesterone, sharply reducing the tone of smooth muscles. The main task of this hormone is to rebuild the female body for conception and safe bearing of the child.

But this is only one of the reasons - future mothers themselves become culprits of edema.

Due to changes in taste preferences, pregnant women can easily empty a jar of pickled cucumbers or enjoy a salty fish!

After absorbing such delicacies, it is already difficult for the expectant mother to comply with the drinking regime recommended by the doctor: the water will be drunk much more than normal.

What to do to relieve swelling of the legs during pregnancy

To cope with edema of the legs, a woman should always follow the recommendations of the doctor and diet.

And in addition to this, swelling of the legs during pregnancy will help a simple massage, the regular performance of which will definitely help your legs.

You will need a terry bath towel. It is desirable that the villi on it were stiff and slightly prickly.

If the tummy has grown and you find it difficult to tilt - throw your foot on the ottoman or sofa, or better find for this pleasant lesson assistant: for example - her husband.

  • Sitting on the floor, massage your foot thoroughly from the outside and inside.
  • Each finger should be rubbed and kneaded in all directions.
  • Make rotational movements of the foot in the ankle joint.
  • Putting your foot higher and wrapping it with both hands wrapped in a towel, first smoothly stroke it, in the direction from the foot to the pelvis.
  • After stroking we perform stronger massaging, as it were squeezing movements - to make the skin turn pink.
  • It is important that all movements are made in the direction upward, to the pelvis.
  • In the end, gently massage your lower back, throwing a towel behind your back, as if you are wiping yourself.
  • After completing the complex, it is advisable to lie down or sit for a few minutes, throwing your feet on a small hill.
  • Carry out all movements smoothly, without sudden movements.

If you pay attention to your feet for five or ten minutes a day (morning and evening before bedtime), then there will not be a swelling of your legs.

And tips on how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy will help future mothers save not only health, but beauty.

Your cosmetologist © Marina Tverdokhlebova

How to remove leg swelling during pregnancy

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