If swelling on the legs during pregnancy

Health during pregnancy: swelling

While waiting for a baby, every woman changesexternally. In addition to the growing tummy, the whole body is transformed: the forms become more round, the common features are softer, more tender. They say that pregnancy paints a woman from inside - there is nothing more beautiful than expecting a new life, but, unfortunately, this statement does not always correspond to reality: some future mothers suffer from excess kilograms and swelling.

What causes swelling in pregnancy?

Puffiness in pregnancy is a problem with whichfaced by the vast majority of women. As a rule, this is not very pleasant, and sometimes a health hazard phenomenon starts to bother future mothers after the 30th week of pregnancy, sometimes the swelling of the limbs and faces may occur earlier.

What is this trouble, and for what reason does she so often bother pregnant women?

Edema occurs as a result of the delay of excess waterin the human body, accumulating in the subcutaneous layer and muscles. During pregnancy, the fluid is delayed for purely physiological reasons. Firstly, because the growing uterus begins to pin down the main veins, which leads to a violation of the outflow of blood from the lower extremities, and secondly, because as a result of the hormonal changes the water-salt balance shifts, the walls of the veins and vessels become thinner, which also leads to stagnation of blood, and consequently, to fluid retention. If the puffiness in pregnancy is small, then it is considered normal and, as a rule, there is no concern for either the doctors or the patient, if the swelling is very noticeable - there are problems with flexing the fingers and toes, the face swells, this may be a sign of a serious illness or gestosis. This condition requires mandatory immediate examination and treatment, in some cases, inpatient.

In addition to the purely physiological reasons associatedexclusively with pregnancy and a growing fetus, edema can occur as a result of disorders in the work of the heart or kidneys - this is also a pathological phenomenon and requires monitoring by the doctor and treatment.

That's why in the women's consultation are so fond ofmeasure the weight of the pregnant woman and prescribe a urine test at each intake. The first bell to delay fluid in the body is just not an external manifestation of puffiness, but a sudden appearance of extra pounds. If the examination of urine showed the presence of protein in it, then it's time to sound the alarm: this is a signal about the violation of the kidneys, which is dangerous not only for the mother, but for her baby - unnecessary and harmful substances are taken from the body with excess fluid.

In addition to medical analyzes and explicit externalmanifestations of swelling, diagnose edema will help a simple test: you just need to apply pressure on the skin in places most often prone to swelling - on the leg or arm. If after that the skin remains a white spot and a small fovea - it means that the water in the body is too much. Favorite shoes become cramped, the elastic bands from the clothes leave noticeable marks on the skin to those where they were not even in the past, and you can put jewelry on your finger now, with great difficulty? This is also a signal about the manifestation of swelling during pregnancy - be sure to tell your doctor about it.

Perhaps, edema on the legs is a problem thatthere is an absolute majority of women on one or another period of pregnancy. If at the end of the day on the legs visible swelling during pregnancy, what to do, how to explain their occurrence? It is easy to explain: the outflow of blood from the lower extremities is most difficult, therefore
the liquid here is delayed by all means. This is especially noticeable in the second half of the day: even those shoes that did not cause any discomfort in the morning may become cramped, ankle marks on the ankles leave a feeling of heaviness in the legs.

The second type of edema is swelling of the hands and fingers- If the work of the future mother is associated with a static repetition of the same movements, or does not require special stirring, for example, working at a computer, then swelling of the fingers is quite a probable problem that can visit her by the end of pregnancy. Here the reason is the same as with the legs: as a result of the lack of a variety of movements, blood flow stagnation occurs, and as a result, it becomes edematous.

Significantly swollen face from a future mother: eyelids, nose, lips. Such edema can talk about the development of serious pathologies and, as a rule, arise already in conjunction with other symptoms and edema of other parts of the body. Sometimes such a manifestation of puffiness during pregnancy not only worsens the overall appearance of a woman in anticipation, but also brings quite tangible physical inconveniences: nasal swelling provokes irritation of the mucosa. There is a so-called "rhinitis of the pregnant" - he can harass the future mom as at the very beginning and be a consequence of the beginning of hormonal adjustment, and closer to the end of pregnancy.

The best treatment is prevention, and accordingly for the prevention of puffiness it is necessary to observe some simple rules:

  1. 1. Required rest during the day. Try at least a couple of times a day to takehorizontal position and relax, legs can be placed above the level of the trunk - in this way you will stimulate the outflow of blood from the limbs and help the body in its uniform distribution
  2. 2. Comfortable shoes. This uncomplicated recommendation, which isjust universal in many cases, the prevention of pathological conditions, will save the future mother from swollen legs. Massage your feet and cool relaxing baths will help relieve tension and disperse blood.
  3. 3. Compliance with diet. In the diet of the future mother, consumption is unnecessarysalted, greasy and fried foods should be limited or eliminated altogether. Well-digested food, rich in vitamins and trace elements, is a guarantee of health. It is useful to prevent diarrhea eating diuretic foods and drinks: eat watermelons, fruits and berries containing vitamin C, drink milk, as well as cranberry and cranberry fruit.

If the swelling is clearly expressed, and compliance with the diet is nothelps, the doctor can prescribe an additional intake of herbal medicines that have a diuretic effect, such as kanefron. In the case of severe puffiness in combination with other symptoms, as well as the presence of abnormalities in the tests, compulsory hospitalization and intensive care in a hospital environment are recommended.

Remember that puffiness in pregnancy is notalways an inoffensive phenomenon, and it is not worthwhile to risk the health of your future baby in any case. Observe the doctor's recommendations and pass all the exams on time - so you will save yourself and the child from many problems!