Swelling of the feet during pregnancy folk remedies

In the process of bearing a pregnant womanis subject to many unpleasant moments related to her health. Perhaps, for almost every woman, pregnancy passes with some or other deviations that do not arise in her life. Perhaps, it does not even make sense to call them "deviations", since the occurrence of these problems is quite natural. One of such troubles is swelling - accumulation in the interstitial space of the fluid, which occurs mainly due to changes in blood properties, difficulty in blood circulation and lymph circulation, squeezing the growing uterus of large vessels, etc. As a rule, many pregnant women are subject to edema in the second half of the fetus, most often swelling of the legs.

The appearance of edema is affected by manyfactors, among which one can note a sedentary lifestyle, a change in the functionality of the kidneys, a metabolic disorder, an important role is played by an increase in body weight and blood volume, an increase in pressure. Another common factor is heredity, that is, if your mother and grandmother suffered from swelling in pregnancy, be prepared for the same. Folk remedies for edema during pregnancy include a number of tips and recommendations that have been worked out over the centuries, as well as advice, by official medicine. Since folk remedies are not only herbs and drugs, but also the age-old wisdom accumulated by ancestors, let us consider a few tips.

1. A lot of controversy is still being raised about whether or not to limit the consumption of liquid to a pregnant woman. Some argue that even the restrictionthe use of liquid up to one liter per day is not capable of exerting any significant influence on whether the pregnant legs will swell or not. Many complain that even without consuming a lot of liquid and not getting carried away with salty foods, suffer from swelling throughout the second half of pregnancy. Be that as it may, the most correct one is that the option that it is inadvisable to limit itself in drinking is particularly unreasonable, since moisture is still necessary for the organism, but you can try not to drink a lot of liquid in the evening, before going to bed. For example, to give up drinking after seven o'clock in the evening - to some extent this can help. Note also that all folk remedies and tips from edema during pregnancy can not be a universal means for everyone without exception. It can be said that every woman is pregnant in her own way and then how the pregnancy takes place in one can differ significantly from that of another woman.

2. And experts in traditional medicine, and people preaching treatment with folk remedies advise pregnant women not to limit themselves in physical exertion, to move more. It is necessary to walk more often in the fresh air - thisprevents accumulation of excess fluid in the legs. With a high degree of probability, you can try to avoid edema by taking a 40-minute walk every day. In addition, there are special recommendations for pregnant women to conduct gymnastic exercises. You can do it yourself at home, but, perhaps, the most correct will be to register for special courses for pregnant women - this will prevent a lot of mistakes and dangerous accidents associated with improper exercise.

It should be noted that no folk remediesshould not be used without prescribing a doctor. Puffiness in pregnancy can be a sign of more serious diseases, for example, nephropathy of pregnant women. At the same time, the emphasis is on the treatment of the underlying disease, and not only the edema itself, in addition, some recommendations for getting rid of edema may not be suitable for more serious ailments. However, let us dwell on what folk remedies, advice and recommendations can still be applied from edema in pregnancy, not caused by serious diseases.

3. Everyone knows that the nutrition of a pregnant woman should be under strict control, strictly balanced and be extremely correct and useful. To avoid swelling should be consumedless salt. The daily dose should not exceed 5-7 gr. that is, all the food a woman needs to be nedosalivat. Salt promotes retention of moisture in the body, which causes swelling not only in the lower limbs, but also the face, etc.

4. There is an opinion that it will be useful to use some diuretic drugs, preferably on a plant basis. From folk diuretics, harmless to pregnant women, one can distinguish birch sap, apple peel, berries of the viburnum, etc. A doctor may also prescribe some medications.

5. It is recommended to wear special underwear. intended for pregnant women - this will help protect the vessels from accumulating excess moisture in them. Clothes should be free, comfortable, not tight.

6. It is necessary to protect the main blood veins from clamping. for example, it is highly contraindicated to sit inposition the leg on the foot, in addition, you should control what position you prefer to sleep at night, just lie down. It is recommended to sleep lying on the left side.

As a rule, swelling is not considered dangerous by doctorsfor the health of women and they pass almost immediately after the birth of the child. Here are a few recipes of recommended diuretics during pregnancy.

A) Fresh celery root juice - thrice a day for 1 tsp. for half an hour before meals.

B) Undiluted birch sap - thrice a day for 1 tbsp.

B) Apple peel, "Antonovka" variety in dried form. 1 tbsp. on a glass of boiling water, infused for 10 minutes. and is taken several times a day for half a cup.