Swelling of the legs by the evening what to do

Amelie Poulain Master (1398) 7 years ago

Try special foot baths, inpharmacy can be found. And check the kidneys, maybe there are problems. Usually, the legs swell in women who spend all day on high heels, and the legs are swollen by the evening. If you have a similar situation try to change your shoes. Get well!

Chanterelle Sister Profi (813) 7 years ago

Alexander L Enlightened (33533) 7 years ago

Swell. Rest and feet on the pillow.

StarScream Profi (567) 7 years ago

in general it is natural that by the evening they swell.
need warm baths of feet, warmth and loose soft shoes, if swelling is better then to the doctor then

Ahtun Valyau Valyaou Guru (2892) 7 years ago

as I understand you! I put the legs into the bath in a cool or under the tap water! and then kremchikom against tired legs. to the top of the legs and lying around! cool!)))

Natali Mur) Orakul (71252) 7 years ago

The kidneys should be checked.
sit with legs raised

Valentina Tikhomirova Profi (941) 7 years ago

this puffiness of the legs, at night you need to put a pillow or cushion, that the legs lay higher, so the puffiness descends more quickly, and the fatigue of the legs.

Katya Master (1433) 7 years ago

Brew some diuretic herb. They sell a lot in the pharmacy. After a week, the results will be visible.

victoria smirnovo Profi (823) 7 years ago

if you are not pregnant then maybe you have an initialthe stage of varicose veins especially if there is heredity. I advise you to see a doctor if it's TC, then use anti-varicose tights to help Pts. and so commonly. tips correct to rest more often. feet 15 cm above the head at rest and cold baths all fine notes all the same see those for their health wreaths of the heart check if there is more and zdoroshka with physical load. Get well

Aleksey Ivanov Master (1042) 7 years ago

If the legs swell only at the end of the working day,after the load, this is a completely physiological process. At the end of the working day it is necessary to make a contrast shower for the legs, ending with dousing with cold water (as the wall of blood vessels strengthens). and lie down, lifting your legs 15-20 cm above the body level for 10-15 minutes. It would be enough. Do not take any lek. if it is not associated with a disease of the kidneys or vessels of the lower extremities.

Natal'ya The Thinker (8825) 7 years ago

Try to walk on a lower heel and drink less fluids, but drink a little liquid - bad for other organs ((
Try to pick up comfortable shoes that would not squander

Marina Kondratovich Profi (786) 7 years ago

Go to the phlebologist and check your veins

AntiPsychoVirus Orakul (64404) 7 years ago

Physical blocking
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Emotional blocking
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Mental blockage
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A source: Listen to your body, your best friend on earth