Swelling of the fingers during pregnancy

Many women have swelling during pregnancy - a phenomenonsufficiently frequent. Edema is a condition in which excess fluid is collected in the body. Externally, it manifests itself in the form of swelling of the face, hands or feet. Often in pregnant women can also swell and stomach and lower back.

Any puffiness in pregnancy has its owncauses. First of all, the appearance of swelling is associated with an increase in the body's need to receive fluid, resulting in a woman drinking more. It is the liquid that makes up the bulk of the weight gained during pregnancy. Another reason - sodium, which accumulates in the vessels and tissues of the body. Sodium delays fluid in the body, which leads to swelling.

Diagnosis of edema during pregnancy

Of course, obvious swelling becomes visible not only to the doctor, but also to the most pregnant woman. However, for the diagnosis of edema, it is not superfluous to answer the following questions:

  • - Is it easy for you to wear shoes? If a woman swells during pregnancy, she will not be able to put on old shoes.
  • - Is it easy for you to take off an engagement ring? According to the answer to this question, it is possible to judge the puffiness of the hands, in which the ring compresses the finger, it is difficult or not at all removed.
  • - How much do you earn per week? The norm is an increase of 300 grams per week. If pregnant gets much more, pay attention to puffiness.

Swelling of the hands during pregnancy

A pregnant woman's hands and fingers may swelloften enough. In addition to the difficulties with the removal of the wedding ring, you can identify swelling by pressing your finger on the skin of the hand. If there is a dent in the palm of your hand, most likely it is a puffiness.

Most often, edema of the hands during pregnancy sufferWomen, whose work is connected with the keyboard and computer mouse. Multiple repetitions of the same actions (for example, knitting or modeling) also lead to the appearance of swelling. In such situations, swelling may be accompanied by painful sensations due to the pressure of the accumulating fluid on the passing nerve.

Cope with minor swelling of the hands and fingers during pregnancy will help rest and daily exercises for the hands.

Swelling of the legs during pregnancy

However, swelling of the legs during pregnancy occursmuch more often. This is especially noticeable in the second half of the pregnancy towards evening. The first signal of the appearance of swelling of the legs may be a trace from the elastic band of socks. It is very difficult to shoe in habitual shoes, especially if you have a lot of shoes and shoes before that.

Virtually every pregnant womanedema of legs of different degrees is observed, it is not worth worrying about it too much. However, it is also not advisable to leave this problem without attention, since edema can be a sign of late toxicosis.

More or less safe leg swelling during pregnancyalmost imperceptible in the morning due to the uniform spread of fluid throughout the body overnight. During the day, the liquid drops down, accumulates in the legs, leading to swelling. About swelling of the legs can be judged not only by their swelling, but also by pale, tense and smooth skin.

How to deal with swelling during pregnancy

If a woman is worried about swelling during pregnancy, what to do and how to deal with the problem should be solved by a gynecologist. Do not take diuretics yourself or any other medications on your own.

In most cases, if swelling occurs duringpregnancy, medication is not necessary. Often, to solve the problem of puffiness, it is sufficient to eliminate the causes of its appearance. First of all, we are talking about the diet. In the menu of a pregnant woman should not be too salty foods (herrings, sauerkraut, pickles), spices, fried and smoked products. In the daily diet should be a lot of protein. Once a week, doctors allow you to spend a day off, when only pregnant apples and apples are on the menu.

Some pregnant women with swellingreduce daily fluid intake, while making a serious mistake. A sufficient amount of fluid contributes to the normal development of pregnancy, and its reduction can lead to negative consequences. The daily amount of liquid should be at least 1.5 liters, to which you need to add soups and fruit. It is most useful for a pregnant woman to drink fruit (cranberry and cowberry), ordinary drinking water.

In addition to the correct diet for the expectant motherit is important not to overwork and not walk in the heat (if pregnancy falls on the summer months). Full rest, if possible physical exercise, walking outdoors - all this can be called a good prevention of the appearance of swelling. In addition, to ease the condition of a pregnant woman, the knee-elbow position (for 5-10 minutes), as well as the lying position with raised legs up.

Traditional medicine gives its advice on combatingedema during pregnancy. It can be diuretic herbs - field horsetail, a leaf of cowberry or bearberry, hawthorn, bear ears, kidney fees. Allowed to use 1 cup of broth a day not longer than a month. Fight with swelling can also be a decoction of dried apricots, which is drunk half an hour before meals. Reception of broths and infusions should necessarily be coordinated with the doctor-gynecologist.

In addition to herbs, swelling can be helped by foot baths withcool water. Keep your feet in the water for 10-15 minutes, after which the pregnant woman needs to lie on her left side and raise her legs. Foot massage will be an additional effective way to reduce swelling in pregnancy.

Minor swelling during pregnancy does not carrythreats to a future mother or baby. It is enough to follow the regime of the day and nutrition, and the problem will disappear by itself. If the swelling does not disappear or worries the pregnant woman too much, it is necessary to consult a doctor.