Swelling of the feet, bags under the eyes

Edemas and bags under the eyes Is the accumulated liquid under the thin skin around the eyes.

The swelling of the face is the cause. Why are bags under the eyes formed?

1. Dysfunction of the day. The causes of bags under the eyes may beinsufficient sleep time. People with insomnia who do not have enough time to sleep well because of their work, those who are constantly awakened several times in the middle of the night, wake up in the morning with a swollen face. Particularly swollen face, if nedosyp is accompanied by stress and fatigue.

2. Wrong position head during sleep. Those who are asleep, face buried in a pillow, can see in the morning in the mirror bags under the eyes and swelling of the face. To the face does not swell in the morning, it is necessary that the head during sleep was raised with a pillow in relation to the rest of the body.

3. Cosmetical tools. Wrongly selected cream at night can cause an allergic face swelling, and can form a film that will not allow the skin to breathe and evaporate moisture.

4. Hormonal changes in the body of women. Often bags under the eyes appear at the end of the cycle of menstruation and late pregnancy

5. Age reasons. weakening of the circular muscle of the eye, the accumulation of fat under the eyes - a heavy mass of muscle fat can not withstand for a long time, sag.

6. Chronic diseases. The cause of swelling of the face and bags under the eyes may be a malfunction in the work of the kidney and heart, an allergy.

7. Often the person swells due to excessive amounts of drink the day before alcohol .

How to quickly get rid of bags under the eyes of folk remedies?

What if you swollen your face in the morning? If this happens all the time, then you should understand the reasons for the bags under the eyes. And the first stage of treatment of edema of the face is prophylaxis, that is, it is necessary to remove all those removable causes that cause swelling of the face. If the cause is a kidney or heart disease, then you should limit salt intake, drink less fluids in the afternoon, sleep on a high pillow

Quickly remove the bags under the eyes and remove the swelling of the face will help the following 3 procedures in sequence:
1. First step - Contrast wash. If in the morning you saw swelling on your face, immediately begin to wash alternately with hot and cold water. This will increase blood circulation, lymph circulation, fill the face with energy, puffiness and stagnant phenomena in the tissues of the face will pass.
2. Second phase - A cool compress on the eyes. How to make compresses from bags under the eyes is described below. If the time from the morning is not enough, then massage the eyelids with ice cubes.
3. The third stage - light facial massage and eyelid areas: tap with your fingertips over the eye area, pat your palms on the face (cheeks, forehead, chin)

Compresses and masks from face swelling and bags under the eyes.

Massage with ice cubes. Take a conventional ice cube and massage the skinaround the eyes 3-5 minutes. Instead of the usual ice cube to remove swelling of the face, it is better to use an ice cube of herbs (parsley, chamomile, green tea). An ice cube can be wrapped in a piece of a wide bandage to distribute moisture evenly over the face, and so that fingers do not freeze.

Parsley leaves. Parsley - the most effective folk remedy for the removal of edema. Parsley is used in a variety of forms against bags under the eyes and puffiness of the face caused by heart or kidney diseases.
Mask from the leaves of parsley. Grind (in a blender, meat grinder, finely chop and crush) fresh parsley leaves, apply the resulting mush on swelling and apply a wet swab on top. Duration of the procedure is 15 minutes.

Infusion of parsley from bags under the eyes. A tablespoon of fresh or dried parsleymake a glass of boiling water. Insist 15 minutes, strain. From the infusion obtained, make lotions using cotton wool discs. Just put them to your closed eyes and stand for fifteen minutes. Repeat the procedure several times in a row.
Infusion of parsley can be frozen in the form of ice cubes and used for massage with swelling and bags under the eyes.
Infusion of parsley is useful to drink - 1/3 cup - 3 times a day. The course is 2-3 weeks. The face will swell in the morning.

Compress of parsley and sour cream from bags and swelling under the eyes. Finely chop several sprigs of parsley. Mix a teaspoon of sliced ​​greenery with 2 teaspoons of sour cream. The resulting mixture should be applied in a thick layer on bags under the eyes and covered with wet cotton discs, lying for 10-15 minutes, covered with a damp tampon on top. It should be washed with ordinary water.

Potatoes - the second most effective folk remedy for face swelling. To get rid of bags under the eyes with the help of potatoes can also in several ways.

Boiled potatoes. Boil the whole potato, cool, cut in half and attach to the edema for 20-30 minutes.

Crude potatoes. Wash potatoes and cut into slices, apply under the eyes and leave for about half an hour.
Raw potatoes grate, wrap in gauze and put on bags under the eyes for 10-15 minutes.
Raw potatoes grate, mix with chopped and mashed parsley, wrap in gauze and put on eyelids, for 10-15 minutes, then apply a greasy cream.

Treatment of edema and bags under the eyes of tea.

Tea bags - Perfect ready-made compresses for the eyes. 2 packs of tea with boiling water, cool in the freezer, put on 10 minutes for bags under the eyes.

Lotion of tea from bags under the eyes. Brew strong black or green tea,filter, cool and use for lotions. Duration of the procedure is 15 minutes. This folk remedy for facial swelling will be even more effective if you apply tea lotion mixed with flowers of a camomile chamomile in a 1: 1 ratio for lotions.
Edema will quickly pass if the infusion (tea) is divided into 2 parts, 1 part to cool, and the other to warm. Gadgets do, then dampening cotton pads in a cold tea, then in a warm

Cucumber mask is a classic method of getting rid of bags under the eyes. Thinly cut a fresh cucumber and attach its pieces to the edema, on top of which, put cotton swabs, lightly moistened in milk.

Mask made from mint leaves. Grind fresh mint leaves in a blender and then make a mask on the face. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to apply a tampon, moistened in the cooled green tea, over the mint.

Treatment of bags under the eyes and facial swelling according to the materials of the newspaper "Herald of HSE"

Swelling of the eyes after surgery. What to do - doctor's advice.
A woman after an operation for a cataract onthe right eye has developed a strong swelling under the eye. Before that, edema was under the eyes, but not so strong. She appealed to the editorial office of the newspaper "Vestnik ZLZH" with the question "How to remove swelling after surgery, or somehow reduce it, including folk remedies."
Responds to the doctor ophthalmologist of the highest category MV Minaev.
The cause of edema under the eyes in this case -a hemorrhage in the orbit of the eye. This is due to the pressure exerted on the tissue by the eyelid extensor used during surgery on the eyes. If after the operation a month has not passed, then quickly remove the edema preparations with microdoses of iodine, for example, homeopathic sulphur iodine, it should take 8 grains under the tongue 3 times a day before meals for two weeks. To remove the swelling from the face after surgery, do not forget about diuretics. Simultaneously with sulphur iodine, use a diuretic diacabra 1 tablet 2 times a week (4 tablets in total)

To reduce edemas under the eyes will help and folk remedies:
1. Boiled potatoes. Boil potatoes in a uniform, cut in half and apply warm (but not hot, not to damage the skin) to the closed eyes for 30-40 minutes.
2. Raw potatoes. Rub potatoes on a fine grater, wrap in gauze and apply this compress to swelling and bags under the eyes for 10-15 minutes. After that, rub in the place of edema cream with vitamins A and E. After 15 minutes cotton wool soaked in cold tea, remove the cream residues from the skin. The procedure should be done 2 times a day.
3. Contrast baths with sage infusion. 2 tsp. Sage pour 200 ml of boiling water, leave for 30 minutes. Strain, pour into 2 containers, one cool, the other should be warm. Before going to bed, apply alternately to the swelling on the face (5-6 times) cotton wool, then moistened in cold, then in hot infusion. (HLS 2012 No. 15 page 9-10)

Edema around the eyes - how to get rid of folk remedies

These folk remedies will help to quickly remove swelling from the face, get rid of bags under the eyes, from tearing and redness of the eyelids.
1. Finely chop the leaves of parsley, the resulting gruel is applied for 15 minutes to the eyelids. Redness and swelling of the eyes will quickly pass.
2. Get rid of bags under the eyes of compresses from cucumber. Cut the peel from the cucumber, pour the pulp into the gruel, wrap it in gauze, apply to the eyelids for 5-10 minutes.
3. Remove the irritation from the eyelids will help infusion of flowers of cornflower blue. 2 tbsp. l. dry flowers pour 1 cup boiling water, insist 20 minutes. In warm, strained infusion, moisten the cotton wool discs and put on your eyes for 20 minutes. (Recipes of the newspaper "Vestnik ZHZH" 2012 № 2 pp. 12-13.) From the conversation with the ophthalmologist M.Minaeva)

Treatment of eye swelling with milk.
If there is swelling under the eyes, milk will help. Cotton swabs should be soaked in cold milk and put on eyelids, keep 15-20 minutes. And you can freeze milk in ice molds. And milk cubes, wrapped in a tissue to apply to edema for 5-10 minutes. (HLS 2012, №12 p. 31).

Folk remedies for bags under the eyes.
To get rid of the edema of the eyelidsa warm solution of table salt or a lotion of cold milk. Bags under the eyes disappear if you make compresses from grated raw potatoes, and sleep on 2-3 pillows. (a recipe from the Healthy Holidays 2008, No. 14, p. 19).

Folk remedies for face swelling and bags under the eyes.
1. A mixture of sour cream and parsley
2. Mask of raw grated potatoes
3. Compresses from decoction of lime, chamomile or cornflower
(recipes from the Healthy Holidays 2006, No. 25 pp. 26).

Allergic edema of the eyelids - treatment with a fascia
Ochanka will help to remove allergic edema of the eyelids, in addition, this herb helps stop cataract and cure conjunctivitis. Inside take infusion, eye make a lotion.
For infusion of 2-3 tsp. chopped hearth pour 1 cup boiling water, insist 30 minutes, take 1/3 cup 3 times daily before meals. From the same infusion, lotions are applied to the eyelid area for 15-20 minutes. (a recipe from the HLS 2005, No. 18 pp. 4).

Contrast compresses on the eyes
If you often get swelling under theeyes, use a decoction of sage (1 tsp for half a cup of boiling water). The broth should be divided into two halves, one to heat, the other to cool. 2 wadded discs put in a hot broth, 2 - in a cold. Apply cold or hot compresses under your eyes. At night, lubricate the swelling under the eyes with camphor cream. (a review from the Healthy Holidays 2002, №16 pp. 4).

Edema under the eyes - how to get rid of folk remedies.
Some people get up in the morning with swollen and swolleneyes, afraid to once again eat soup and drink a night of water. The cause may be kidney disease, and heart disease. Such people will help to lose and plantain. You need to take 15-20 leaves of plantain, grind a handful, finely chop and cook in 1.5 liters of water for 10 minutes, insist 1 hour. Keep in the fridge, drink 2-3 glasses a day in hot form instead of tea, jamming. A woman drank such a decoction for a month, her face swelled, her stool turned up, her blood pressure returned to normal, weight decreased. (review from the Healthy Holidays 2003, №23 p. 27).

Beautiful tips from bags under the eyes. I will definitely use