What are the swelling of the feet

What are edemas and how to deal with them

Edema. Causes of edema

Edema is an excessive accumulationsome fluid in the tissues of the human body, as well as subcutaneous tissue. As a rule, swelling can not manifest itself. Of course, this disease is automatically a kind of symptom of heart disease, kidney disease. liver.

Swelling occurs during pregnancy; Edema can occur as a result of pregnancy pathology. In general, everything depends on the affected organ.

How does the edema look like? Symptoms of edema

Often, edematous limbs increase significantlyin its scope. If you touch the skin, you can feel its doughy state. If the fingers slightly press a weak point, then the skin will show a fossa. If there are no inflammatory complications, the skin acquires a pale and slightly bluish tinge. If there is a pronounced edema, then on the skin may appear cracks, which pass a certain liquid.
As a rule, the symptoms are different with the disease of the body concerned.

Swelling of the legs in the ankles and ankles is a symptom of a sick heart

If it is a heart disease, the swelling in theThis case manifests itself slightly symmetrically in the region of the ankles and lower leg. Often occurs in such cases ascites, when mass accumulates fluid in the abdominal cavity.

The face and eyes are swollen with kidney disease

With kidney disease, edema is seen on the face (mainly in the eyelid region). Later they appear on the legs, genitals, lower back, as well as the anterior abdominal cavity.

Begin the treatment of edema from the diseased organ
Swelling can be cured by treatmentof the relevant body. Simultaneously with the prescribed course of treatment, doctors are usually recommended to use the so-called supplementary agent in the form of diuretics. Moreover, this treatment implies a limited intake of table salt. Fermented milk products on the contrary are included in the food ration. Also it is necessary to limit reception of a liquid for the night.

Diuretic medicinal plants: marsh terrestrial, birch dowel, St. John's wort, juniper, cranberry leaf, bearberry, hops, horsetail, red mountain ash, celandine, sage and others. Not all plants can be used with existing diseases, preliminarily study contraindications.

Elimination of edema in folk medicine. Medicinal plants against edema

There is a list of folk remedies that contribute to the successful treatment of these edemas. Of course, traditional medicine is very useful in the modern world, but not all this information is used in practice.

The most common way is tothe use of black elderberry (namely the flower), chamomile pharmacy, as well as mint and linden. For this decoction, it is necessary to take in equal parts the indicated herbs with a total volume of one tablespoon, a bay with one glass of hot water. Such a mass should be insisted about fifteen minutes. Then the grass should be squeezed, add the boiled water and take three times a day for half a cup. This method is considered the most relevant and effective, it can be safely applied in practice.