How to reduce swelling of the feet

Zhenya Nosova Master (1514), closed 5 years ago

Natalia Filimonova Expert (421) 5 years ago

Limit consumption of salty, sweet,exclude juices. To drink very little, if unbearable - rinse your mouth. Drink a liter and a half liquids a day, here and soups, and yogurts are included. Drink herb diuretic-leaves cranberries (bitter, but help). The doctor prescribed the pills to me-the kurantil, the hofitol, until they drank. They put droppers - a solution of the ringer, xantinol nicotinate. At first it helped - but by the 39th week there was nothing to help, so much depends on the body. At me gestosis has begun, the Pyelonephritis, the raised or increased pressure, during labor activity - fights - was swallowed immensely. In the end - a caesarean emergency. It was 6 days ago. And to you I wish to cope with illnesses and easy or light; mild deliveries to you. And also health to you and your baby. )

Olechka Guru (4696) 5 years ago

Minimal salt in all products!

Olechka Guru (4696) 5 years ago

Below wrote about the dropper in the hospital-called-magnesia (at least I was pricked for 31 weeks)

Jana Ganicheva Thinker (6435) 5 years ago

In the maternity hospital special droppers are placed I do not remember with which preporatom.

CHRISTINA BAGACH Pupil (102) 5 years ago

to monitor the amount of liquid used is not more than 2 liters per day, this is soups and teas, etc., ask the leading doctor for a diuretic, and it will remove swelling and it will be easier to give birth

forget-me-not Guru (4674) 5 years ago

Reduce the intake of liquid to 1 liter and salt to exclude from the diet. kidney tea (orthosiphon stamping).

Yulishna. Mudrets (10655) 5 years ago

In any way, at me up to the sorts or labors were even with droppers

marina marina Guru (4208) 5 years ago

Exclude salt from the body, it keeps the fluid in the body. Reduce the intake of liquids and foods after which you want to drink (sweets, spices, fish)

try or taste kanefron - tablets on grasses, or brew a cowberry - he in drugstores is

Alexander Artificial Intelligence (128834) 5 years ago

Do you have a doctor who leads your pregnancy?

anita vasina Master (1189) 5 years ago

I drink corn stigmas instead of tea, it helps.

Tigrenok Master (1047) 5 years ago

I drank hofitol - well helps, drink no more than 1 liter a day, decoction of leaves of cranberries, berries cowberries are