Swelling of feet treatment tablets

Swelling of the legs and associated discomfort, time fromtime worries everyone, and the reasons that can cause such a feeling, a lot. Puffiness can be short-term and chronic, extensive or local, develop on both legs or only on one.

It happens that both metabolism, and impairedvenous blood flow, and kidney problems can also contribute to swelling of the legs. Restore the real picture of the state of our body can only correctly diagnosed the doctor and only after a thorough examination. That's why you should not prescribe yourself a treatment, but you should contact a specialist in a medical institution at your place of residence to identify the causes and further surveys, observations on this issue. You can also solve any medical problem on the website of the medical center, here you can learn about the methods of treatment, get answers to your questions, make an appointment for treatment.

Short-term swelling without additionalSymptoms occur in most people in the summer and this is due to the increased use of all kinds of fluids. If you add to this the abuse of products with high salt content - puffiness is ensured. The process of removing fluid from the body slows down, and it accumulates in the lower part of the body. Very often, additional factors can be a sedentary lifestyle, work on the feet and overweight. This kind of puffiness is temporary and does not require special treatment, but if the legs are swollen regularly, it is worthwhile to see a doctor.

A number of drugs have"Arsenal" of side effects, swelling of the legs. These are, first of all, drugs containing glucocordicoids and some types of hormones. About unpleasant consequences of admission can be read in the instructions to the means of contraception and treatment of sexual dysfunction in men, drugs that regulate blood pressure.

Varicosity is the most common cause of edema. The overgrowth of the connective tissue of the veins and the stagnation of blood in them transform the legs not only into an unattractive sight, but also causes a lot of trouble, fatigue and pain. Along with the above-listed risk factors for the formation of varicose veins, heart diseases, diabetes mellitus, hypertension and atherosclerosis can be noted. Undoubtedly, not having understood the cause of varicose veins, it will be impossible to get rid of edema, and therapy and prevention of diseases should be carried out in a complex. A good help for alleviating the symptoms will be cold foot baths, wearing special stockings and regular use of ointments from leg edema and varicose veins.

Swelling of the feet during pregnancy is the second most popular. Symptomatics in this case is of a temporary nature and is associated with:

• pressure of the uterus on the lower part of the body

• stagnation of salt in the body

• gestosis (complication of pregnancy in the last third of the term, associated with active hormonal restructuring of the female body)

Chronic swelling of the lower body, especiallyin the evening hours - one of the signs of heart failure, a formidable indicator of a variety of concomitant diseases - from arrhythmia to ischemic disease. The higher the observed edema of the legs with heart failure - the situation is more critical, the heart can not cope with blood flow and treatment is vital. Of course, doctors treat such diseases only under the supervision of a doctor, but there are a number of recommendations designed to alleviate the symptoms:

• taking diuretics with swelling of the legs,

• special underwear and stockings,

• A rational approach to nutrition.

Another reason for swelling of the legs can be calledthrombophlebitis. The reasons for its appearance are diverse: pregnancy, surgery, infectious diseases, tumor formation, increased blood coagulability. A thrombus forming in the lumen of the vein causes not only swelling, but also pain, an increase in temperature and malaise. Running forms of thrombophlebitis most often require surgical intervention, otherwise the disease can directly threaten life.

Swelling of the feet accompany problems in the lymphaticsystem, with dysfunction of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, liver damage, infectious damage to joints, injuries, allergies, bites of poisonous animals and insects.

How to relieve edema on the legs

If a specific treatment is agreed with the doctor,then at home you can do some procedures in order to reduce puffiness. A lot of ways exist for the care of the feet and the removal of edema, I'll tell you how I cleanse the edema on my feet with my proven, folk remedies. They helped me out more than once.

  1. I make a decoction of flax seeds-in a liter of water I add 4 tbsp. spoons of flax seeds, I boil for 15 minutes on a quiet fire, I insist. In a warm form I drink 6 times a day for half a glass.
  2. From the roots of wild rose I cook broth-pour a glass of boiling water 2 tbsp. Spoons of crushed roots, boil and I insist in the same way, as in the first recipe. I drink 4 times a day, strained according to Art. spoon.
  3. Remove the swelling of the legs in the ankles area with a warm foot bath (a spoonful of vinegar for 5 liters of water). In addition, this procedure perfectly calms the feet.

Now about the external treatment - it compresses, treat swelling of the legs effectively, simple and widely distributed.

  1. Take the leaves of burdock, wash, a little dry,Apply light side, fix with elastic bandage, hold for three hours. Edema of the lower legs is reduced after three procedures. After a course of 10 procedures, my problem was solved, puffiness disappeared.
  2. In the season of ripening vegetables I make compresses from ripe tomatoes, I knead them in a gruel, I put them on my feet, I do not wash off for 7 hours.
  3. When swelling of the legs, to help you bath withsea ​​salt. The procedure is best done before bedtime. Herbal infusion of sage, peppermint and yarrow in a frozen form will more effectively help to overcome swollen leg areas.
  4. Spend a little time on massagelegs in the form of rotation of the feet in a circle. Give up shoes with heels - studs and give preference to more convenient models. In food should be more careful, because the use of smoked and salty foods, liquids, can adversely affect the state of health. Take in your hands your precious health and you will see that there is a benefit in this.

You can say that the swelling of the legs is one of the mostrecognizable symptoms, behind which the most unpredictable disease can hide. Therefore, if the causes and the effect of the "elephant legs" do not give you rest, calling a doctor is the surest way to gain health.

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