Tingling in the legs swelling

Edema and tingling in the leg after fracture

№ 29 752 Diseases of the vessels 08.02.2016

In November, I broke my right leg (a fracture of twoankles with displacement) The operation was inserted metalwork and a langet was applied. After 3 weeks, the langete was removed from me, my leg was swollen, my leg was diagnosed with posttraumatic thrombosis of the right leg (no studies were performed), and treatment was prescribed: thromboass, phlebodia, 10 injections of weight duf, and wearing a stocking 2 compression. Now the swelling has decreased. Has made US of veins of the bottom extremities of thrombuses is not present, all in norm or rate. The doctor said to continue to continue the treatment of thromboass 100 and phlebodia and wear a stocking. But before going to bed when I take off my stocking, my shin starts to prick, the veins on the foot tighten, my leg turns red. What would you advise me in my case and whether the treatment that was prescribed to me is sufficient. And can I do a foot massage? Thank you in advance.

Massage for deep vein thrombosisAbsolutely forbidden! First, the risk of separation of the thrombus with all the ensuing consequences (pulmonary embolism). Secondly, the increased blood flow (thanks to massage) can aggravate the disease and puffiness will increase even more. As for the prescribed treatment, in addition to prescribed drugs, it is advisable to use NSAIDs (diclofenac, for example) to reduce the inflammatory process. And, of course, it is necessary to use anticoagulant therapy (heparin, clexane, fractiparin, etc.).