Swelling of the feet before death

Edema Is the accumulation of fluid in the tissues of the body. Puffiness can be observed both on the body (arms, legs, face), and on internal organs. That internal swelling are the most dangerous, because they are invisible, but are answered by a serious threat. The most insidious is the swelling of the brain, which can even lead to death. Edema is a rather formidable symptom of malfunctions in vital body systems. Usually, the fluid in the body is delayed by diseases of the cardiovascular system and kidneys. Therefore, if you regularly suffer from swelling, then this is an occasion to consult a doctor. There are also many ways of independent disposal of excess fluid.

In order to remove swelling, it is necessarydetermine the cause of its occurrence. Maybe it's just the wrong food. A large amount of salt and spices causes a fluid retention in the body. Try to adjust your diet. Do not use a large amount of liquid before going to bed. Also it is necessary to refuse smoked, fried products.

Strengthen the cardiovascular system. It is enough to exercise 15 minutes a day, even at home, to significantly improve the work of the heart. An effective exercise from the complex of cardiovagings is running.

Strengthen the walls of the vessels will help contrast shower. Alternately replace the warm water with a cold one. Finish water procedures followed by a cold shower.

Improve the work of the kidneys with herbal medicines. Also helps and broths of herbs having a diuretic effect.

If your legs and arms tend to edema, then regularly do their massage. Rub your feet, ankles, fingers. Massage will improve blood circulation and will strengthen the outflow of lymph.

We remove swelling from the face

It often happens that in the morning after sleeping a personit seems slightly swollen. In order to remove excess fluid from the body, you can use herbal tinctures and decoctions. For example, you can make a tincture of bear ears. Pour a tablespoon of this plant with boiling water. Insist 3 4 hours. Strain the drink. This herbal tincture will help quickly remove swelling.

A very effective tool is alsorose hips. Pour berries of dogrose with boiling water, insist 2-3 hours. Ready to drink during the day. Rosehip has a diuretic effect and will help quickly get rid of swelling.

You can also remove facial swelling with a mask of potatoes. Boil the potatoes in the peel. Rastolkite and received mass coat your face.

Another way is a sour cream mask. Mix the sour cream with chopped dill and put the mixture on your face.

The lower eyelids usually swell, which is whybags under the eyes. A fairly common cause of the edema of the eyelids is stress and fatigue. Therefore, the main advice - get enough sleep.

Also, do not spend too much time at the computer or watching TV. If you smoke or drink alcohol, then think about how to get rid of these bad habits.

Remove swelling of the eyelids can be with the help of special gels, which are sold at the pharmacy. There are also quite a few folk remedies for combating the swelling of the eyelids.

Again, potatoes come to the rescue. You can put a dough of raw potatoes on your eyelids. Also use mashed potatoes, mixed with dill or parsley.

Chamomile helps to get rid of swelling. Pour it with boiling water and insist for 3-4 hours. In the resulting liquid dip cotton wool discs and attach to the eyelids.

To remove the effect of fatigue from the eyes, you can use ordinary tea. If you drink tea bags, then attach the sachet on your eyelids and lie down in a relaxed atmosphere.

Remove swelling is possible with a cucumber. Cut the cucumber in circles and put it on your eyelids.

Another effective recipe is a decoction of parsley leaves. Compresses from such a decoction will help to remove puffiness from the eyelids and get rid of bags under the eyes.

How to remove leg swelling

Swelling of the legs causes considerable discomfort. Severe swelling can even interfere with walking.

Prevention of leg edema is wearing comfortableshoes, which does not squeeze the foot and ankles, performance during the day of leg exercises. At risk are those who spend a long time on their feet, or whose work is sedentary.

You can remove swelling of the feet with simple methods:

  • If you spend an evening lying on the couch, then lift your legs slightly. You can put a pillow under your feet or put them on the back of the sofa. It will not be superfluous to carry out the exercise "birch".
  • Do a foot massage. Massage all the fingers separately, then the foot, grinding it well in different directions. Pay attention to the ankles, which swell most often, and the shins.
  • You can make contrasting showers and separately for legs.
  • Also, all the aforementioned decoctions of herbs and fruits for ingestion will help.