Cold swelling on the legs

Many people do not pay attention to this"Trifle", like cold feet. For them, this has become a familiar condition, which does not cause much discomfort. In summer, you can warm your feet in the sun, and problems occur only in winter, when your feet are cold even in a warm room. Most often, women face this after forty years. But many people ask themselves the question: "Why cold feet?" And are diligently looking for ways to solve this problem.

Before starting treatment for cold feet syndrome,You need to understand what is the reason for the cooling. How often do your feet feel cold? Does it always happen or only in certain conditions? Perhaps this is due to the peculiarities of their structure. As is known, the muscle mass is responsible for the function of heat saving, the amount of which in the feet is insignificant. Fatty tissue is completely absent, so in the cold season the feet begin to freeze, and this is not a sign of the disease.

Currently, many girls are easy to dress: short skirts, open shoes are not for the weather, shoes that harness. All these factors cause cold in the legs. The problem can be solved by warming up.

Disturbance of blood circulation, vegetative-vascular dystonia and low blood pressure

Why are you constantly cold feet? The reason is not always to wear light clothes not for the weather. Sometimes this condition indicates the presence of various diseases. Violation of blood circulation, or vegetovascular dystonia, is another factor that provokes such a phenomenon. But the diagnosis can only be made by a specialist. Deviation in the structure of the vessels, varicose veins and many other nuances indicate a violation of blood circulation. Note whether there are vascular asterisks and swelling on the legs. Low blood pressure is often accompanied by a symptom of cold feet, as the vessels are severely narrowed, and blood enters the capillaries poorly.

In most cases it is a bad signsuch a sign as cold feet. Causes that interfere with blood circulation can be different. They can not be ignored, but, alas, a greater percentage of people consider this a trifle.

Lack of magnesium and iron

If you have cold feet, the reasons can be covered inlack of trace elements and other useful substances. Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in the body. About 50% of it is contained in bones, and only 1% - in human blood. It is not easy for an organism to maintain this percentage constantly, and yet magnesium participates in all biochemical processes.

When there is a lack of iron, anemia, that is,anemia. Do you know of such ailment firsthand? Adjusting your diet and adding more animal food, you can correct the lack of cold feet. The causes that cause this phenomenon must be eliminated immediately, without wasting time in vain.

If there is weakness, dyspnea is observed,swelling of the extremities and upper eyelids, freezing feet, there is a possibility that you have heart problems. Means, it is necessary to address immediately to the cardiologist.

Such a symptom, as cold feet, is manifested inpeople with diabetes. It is explained by a violation of the capillary circulation. As a result, this leads to insufficient blood supply to the peripheral nerves of the extremities. When passing the examination and the correct treatment with the problem of freezing feet without problems, you can cope. The specialist will appoint competent and adequate treatment.

With such a serious ailment as a violationdigestion, it is quite difficult to cope. If a person has diseases of the endocrine system, this can lead to obesity. Why can there be cold feet? The reasons are that they "carry" the weight of a person, so the blood flow slows down. The consequence is cold legs, swelling and varicose veins.

Cold wet feet (causes of pathology, as alreadymentioned, varied) are often a consequence of hyperhidrosis. Previously, this problem did not want to be recognized as a disease, considering it only a cosmetic defect. Since recent times it turned out that this is a disease that is directly related to the endocrine system and is inherited.

Other causes of wet feet

Excessive sweating is provoked by the following factors:

  • infectious diseases;
  • problems of the cardiovascular system;
  • Thyroid gland diseases;
  • oncological diseases;
  • the consequences of a stroke;
  • menopause;
  • age changes.

In order to reduce sweating of the feet,daily change socks and apply foot baths, massage using essential oils. Every day, ventilate your shoes. The material should allow legs to breathe, so it is recommended to wear sandals with a woven top in the summer. Buy cotton socks. Change the insole is necessary every six months, and even better - every three months, if there is such an opportunity.

If you spend most of your time on your feet, to wash off the infection, wash your feet as soon as you have taken off your shoes.

Cold feet in children

Parents are often interested in the question of whybaby's cold feet. And it's not that he got them wet, walking on the street. According to pediatricians, this is not a norm, but a symptom of a particular disease or the malfunctioning of internal organs.

If a child has a fever and wet feet, this indicates a blood circulation disorder. Probably, the baby has a low blood pressure, and the blood can not circulate well in the limbs.

Often there are cases with rickets. The view that children practically do not suffer from this disease is erroneous. Often it simply flows in an easy form. In this situation, the pediatrician prescribes vitamins and an individual diet for the child.

This syndrome never appears just like that. Especially should be alerted, even if there are cold feet in the summer. The reasons in this case are far from harmless. The condition is characterized by the presence of diseases characterized by an implicit flow pattern.

When a patient has poor elasticity of the walls of blood vessels, in the cold season the capillaries become narrower, and the blood flow slows down even more. At the same time, the body temperature can rise.

Why cold feet are an unkind signal,which can not be ignored? If you do not deal with the treatment of this syndrome, then in the future, a person can get hypothermia, followed by inflammation of the appendages and urinary system. Because of the complicated flow of blood, venous insufficiency develops, small knots of varicose veins appear, which begin to ache from time to time.

What should I do to prevent my feet from freezing?

If the cold feet are feet, the causes need to be eliminated, and also observe several rules:

  • Dress and dress in accordance with the weather. Shoes should not be tight or, conversely, too large.
  • Sleep at night is better in woolen socks.
  • A contrast shower will help you strengthen your vessels and at the same time improve the skin condition.
  • After a walk in cold weather, make special foot baths.
  • Do a foot massage.
  • Daily exercise.
  • Adjust your diet, eat more protein food.
  • Refuse bad habits.

What is useful for blood vessels?

  • Apply foot care (balms, warming ointments), which give the skin elasticity, making the walls of the vessels more durable.
  • Blood circulation in the legs is disturbed duringpregnancy due to heavy workload. To avoid this, buy special elastic pantyhose in stores. In addition, do gymnastics and massage your feet.
  • If you have a busy schedule, you have to work standing up, then after a hard day's work arrange a rest, make mustard trays that improve blood circulation and relieve swelling.
  • Compresses for feet are useful. They should be done before going out in cold weather.
  • To avoid tightening the vessels, do not wear tight clothes and shoes. In pharmacies are sold special socks, which improve blood flow. They are made of special elastic material.
  • At a time when you are sitting up wrong,Hunch, squeeze your legs under yourself, there are swelling. Therefore, you need to keep your back straight, and put your feet flat on the floor. You can not sit in one pose longer than 40 minutes.
  • Balms, which are made especially for those,who suffer from cold feet syndrome, will improve blood circulation, due to which the limbs will receive the heat that they lack. If you regularly use this kind of means, then you will not only forget about the constant problem, but also improve the condition of the skin of the legs.
  • Very useful is the contrast shower - the alternation of cold and hot (in moderation) water. Just after this procedure it is desirable to do massage with essential oils.

Why can there always be cold feet? The reason may lie in an implicit disease. This is a signal that you should immediately consult a doctor. With proper and timely treatment, you will have a positive result.

Follow the recommendations: dress warmly, eat right, lead a lively lifestyle, take foot baths, massage with warming creams or essential oils. This is not only useful, but also very nice.