Allergy and swelling of the feet

Once I learned about a 16-year-old nephewrespected L.Z. Разложко from the Tver region. The boy suffers from allergies. I want to tell you about how I almost lost my daughter because of the same insidious illness.
With my daughter's family I live separately for a long time. I'll come to them and watch such a picture: they are sitting with her husband and eating chicken wings, smoked, then cooked in a hurry semi-finished or ready-made meat delicacies. I in horror tell them: "You can not always lean on such heavy food, the body should also be given a breather, to introduce in the diet of porridge, cottage cheese, sour-milk products, vegetarian soups. At least make yourself pampered at home. "

To which the son-in-law answers me: "I do not want porridge, I'm full in the army, and vegetarian soups for a healthy man are not food." In a word, they did not hear me.
And here at the daughter all face and a body have become covered by itchingred spots - hives. Now all to themselves doctors. She drank a pill, I do not remember what, but it did not make her any better. On the contrary, after a while it began to choke. I immediately realized that it was the swelling of Quincke in her. Urgently called an "ambulance", and drove us with her daughter to the hospital. They removed her swelling with medications and discharged from the hospital with the order to figure out what among the allergens. I again told her what I said constantly: you need to streamline the food, clean the body, starving on clean water. But of course, no one listened to me.
The daughter went to the allergic center, and there they took a lot of money for each trial. She told me that she even tried to try the horses for dandruff! And at the daughter in an entrance anybody even did not keep dogs.
I began again to advise my daughter to cleanthe body, starving - it's free and reliable. But I was again not heard. And the daughter soon again with a urticaria on all body and an edema Quinke has got in the same hospital. This time her condition was very difficult: swelling of the lungs and the brain were added to Quinck's swelling. The doctors carried out the necessary procedures and she fell asleep. And I, a few years before, lost her 24-year-old son (she died tragically), prayed all the saints all night long, just to save my daughter.
Of course, the daughters had hormonal treatment,otherwise it would not have been saved. The doctor announced an impressive list of foods that can not be eaten: all vegetables and fruits of red and orange flowers, rich broths and soups, smoked products, spicy, salty. Even in the hospital, the daughter began to drink adsorbents (polypefan and others). I was afraid to eat anything other than a scanty hospital ration. Finally, she was discharged. I immediately told her (maybe too categorically): "Either clean and live a full life, or become a chronicle because of their gourmetism and laziness."
From hormones, she greatly recovered, she was swollen, like a balloon. The husband on this occasion also expressed his discontent, and they began to quarrel often.
Fortunately, the daughter at this time understood the perniciousness of her food predilections and began to take measures to improve her own organism.

• The first thing the daughter did was go to the monitor cleaning of the intestines several times (at least 4 times).
• I drank adsorbents for about 3 weeks. At that time, she ate mostly vegetarian food. The menu had porridges on the water with a small slice of butter, sour-milk products, fresh cabbage salads with grated green apples, carrots and sunflower oil.
• On my tearful request (to do this wasnot easy) daughter starved 7 days. At the same time sawed at least 1.5 liters of clean, cooled boiled water, and in the morning and in the evening made enemas: a full 2,5 m Esmarch mug, which squeezed out the juice of half a lemon.
• The daughter cautiously emerged from starvation, sat onliquid porridges boiled on water, without salt and sugar (you can only have a little sunflower oil). It is best to eat oatmeal, cabbage salad with carrots (all fresh, finely chopped or grated>.
• Then the freshly prepared home-made cottage cheese gradually appeared in the ration.
• Boiled lean meat is introduced into the diet verylimited, there is no more than 2-3 times a week, and the main products are lean pilaf with beans and raisins, soft-boiled eggs (boil 4-5 minutes), boiled or fried fish, stewed vegetables.

Gradually, the daughter returned to her losthealth. The body never reacted to red fruits and vegetables, nor to horse dander. And most of all pleased that her unhealthy fatness after the hunger strike disappeared.
True, it was necessary to stand at the stove for a long time, so thatprepare yourself and children healthier food. But for everything in this life you have to pay and fight. And for your health first. Now I'm happy to see how the whole family of the daughter with pleasure eats vegetables, cereals, sour-milk products, sometimes homemade cakes. No one has any special health problems. And a couple of years after those events, my daughter gave birth to my third granddaughter. But when the body was slagged, pregnancy did not come, although they really wanted a boy.
The conclusion is this: if you treat allergies of any origin, and not only allergies, you do not need to cleanse the body. All the rest can be considered as half-measures. I was convinced of this on the bitter experience of my own daughter. I will not wish anyone such experience, but health - to all.

Shcherbakova Nina Fedorovna,
Yekaterinburg city