Osteoarthritis of the knee joint edema

If you did not receive any injuries, and your kneesswell and hurt, it is possible that you have arthritis or even arthrosis, and even both ailment at the same time. Their treatment simply needs to be entrusted to a qualified specialist. And with a visit to the doctor is better not to delay. After all, if the disease is started, it will lead to serious complications right up to the disruption of motor activity. By the way, arthrosis in a difficult stage is completely impossible to cure.

But if you managed to address the osteopath in time,he will appoint a comprehensive treatment. Edema, which in this case is caused by inflammation and fluid accumulated in the joint, will be removed with the help of anti-inflammatory drugs - analgin, indomethacin and others like that. If the knee is very swollen, a puncture may be required: its cavity is pierced and sucked up the liquid accumulated in it. The edema subsides, the function of the joint is restored. Simultaneously, a complex treatment is appointed to activate metabolic processes. In each case, individual, but as a rule, besides anti-inflammatory drugs, hemodynamic-improving drugs and hondoprotectors are used.

If the swelling of the knee is caused by a particular injury,a trip to the doctor still can not be avoided - an expert should diagnose the severity of the injury. But before the visit you can independently ease your condition. First of all, keep the knee still and apply something cold to the swelling. For example, an ice pack. To avoid frostbite, ice should be wrapped in a cotton towel. Cold will remove not only the tumor, stop the accumulation of fluid, internal bleeding, but also reduce pain. The leg is best kept in a raised state, placing a pillow under it, for example. So the swelling will resolve more quickly.

It is also advisable to apply various localfunds against swelling - ointments or creams, they are in the pharmacy quite a lot, very different, for example, "Diclofenac", "Diclac", "Lyoton" and others. There are so-called folk remedies against swelling of the knees, which you can prepare yourself. This, for example, ointment from thoroughly grated leaves of plantain and pork fat. Or steamed saber leaves, mixed with semolina porridge. These funds must be applied to the swollen zone and covered from above with something warm.

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