Morning leg swelling

Edema is classified as potentially dangeroussymptoms, indicating the presence of problems in the body, requiring mandatory detection and treatment. However, swelling can also be a consequence of a particular traumatic situation - a stroke, bruise or bite of an insect. Treatment to the patient is appointed depending on the cause that provoked the edema. What to remove the swelling of the face, eyes or legs, is determined, above all, by internal diseases that caused them.

Swollen face, in addition to anxiety for the conditioninternal organs and the functioning of body systems, brings serious aesthetic problems. Whatever the reason provoking the edema - what to remove it - this is the most urgent issue for a person who has become a victim of a disfiguring symptom. Let us consider in more detail the reasons that can lead to edema of the face, as well as quick and simple ways to eliminate them.

With morning swelling, one has to face almost everyone. The swollen face in the morning is a normal phenomenon, not causing any special unrest. The reason for morning swelling may be:

  • a large amount of fluids drunk just before sleep;
  • salty foods, especially if it is eaten in the afternoon;
  • awkward position in a dream.

Morning edema helps to remove light facial massageand contrast washing. Massage movements suggest light and frequent pats of palms on the cheeks, forehead and chin. If the puffiness covers the area of ​​the eyelids, the massage is performed by the pads of the fingers - they gently tap around the eyes.

If the cause of puffiness stems from a sleeplessnight, spent for a friendly conversation and a glass of hot, then the best salvage from edema will be ice cubes, which need to wipe the swollen face. Well, contrast washing in this case also does not hurt. The alternating effect of hot and cold water allows you to activate blood circulation and lymph circulation - this ensures rapid removal of puffiness. And if, along with puffiness of the face, there is also reddening of the eyes, you can use anti-inflammatory eye drops with vasoconstrictive effect.

How to relieve face swelling: folk recipes

As mentioned above, one of the most common causes of swelling of the face is excessive fluid intake at night. If the puffiness is caused by this, it is necessary to seek help for diuretics:

  • Green tea - perfectly stimulates the work of the kidneys and allows you to quickly achieve the desired effect;
  • decoction of horsetail;
  • broth of mountain ash berries;
  • decoction of cranberry leaves.

To avoid morning swelling in the future, it is worth following a few simple rules:

  • adhere to a healthy regimen;
  • eat properly, limit salt intake;
  • sleep properly - the headboard should be raised by 5-10 cm.

How to remove the swelling after an injury?

A blow or a bruise is another good reason,It can provoke swelling on the face. What to remove the swelling caused by trauma? In this situation, contrast washing and green tea are absolutely powerless - you should apply for cold compresses and special resorbable creams and ointments. These include, for example, drugs that are made on the basis of body-water - they accelerate the healing of injuries and bruises on the body and face.

How to remove swelling in case of water-salt balance?

The human body is a complex system that is prone to "break down" over time, and the likelihood of edema development increases with age. The cause of the onset of edema may result from:

  • increased hydrostatic pressure in the capillaries;
  • decrease in osmotic pressure caused by a decrease in the concentration of proteins in the blood plasma - especially albumin;
  • difficulty lymph flow;
  • damage to the walls of blood vessels.

Than to remove the edema, provokedthe above problems? Of course, the first thing to pay attention to the underlying disease. Therefore, to treat edema was effective, you must first find out their root cause, and for this you will need to undergo the appropriate medical examination.

Regardless of the cause of the regular appearance of edema on one or another part of the body, folk medicine has several effective recipes that help normalize metabolic processes and eliminate edema.

1. Rosehips and oats. Take oats with skin. A liter of cold water pour washed oats (3 tablespoons). Insist the night, putting in a cold place. In the morning, the infusion is boiled again - about 20 minutes, and then drink all day for 50 ml. The course of treatment: three days.

Second phase: a decoction of oats with cranberry leaves and birch buds. Take: oats with skin (3 cups), birch buds (3 tablespoons), cowberry leaves (2 tablespoons). Pour three liters of water. Covering the lid, boil for half an hour. Then add spore (1 tablespoon) and stigma corn (1 tablespoon), and cook another quarter of an hour.

A glass of wild rose berries pour a liter of water onnight. In the morning the infusion is boiled for 10 minutes. Two broths - from oats and rose hips - filter and mix. You can store it in the refrigerator - up to five days. The broth is drunk warm, 50 ml four times a day. Take it before meals for a week. Then a single dose increases to 100 ml, a week later - up to 150 ml.

2. Horseradish and lemon. This Chinese prescription is universal and is used not only to combat swelling - it also helps with mastopathy, chronic heart failure, uterine fibrosis, dyspnoea, and to excrete mucus from the bronchi. Mix three lemons, previously scrolled in a meat grinder, and grated horseradish (125 g). The mixture is taken on a teaspoonful - in the morning and in the evening, about ten minutes before eating. You can add honey. Course: 2-3 weeks. Contraindications: stomach diseases.

In addition to internal and systemic diseases,the cause of edema can be helminthic invasions. Prophylactic measure: twice a year to take a mixture of scrolled lemons (3 pcs.) And garlic (3 heads). Scheme of admission: a teaspoon before eating, morning and evening.

How to remove leg swelling?

It is advisable, before starting the treatment of leg edema,carry out preliminary cleansing of the intestines, liver and kidneys. You can use, for example, a decoction of white radish, which is prepared from the calculation - a liter of water for 400 grams of radish. Add a teaspoon of salt, boil for 10 minutes. They drink for two weeks. Dosage - free. After cleansing the body, you can directly deal with swelling, using proven folk advice:

  • Trays for feet. They are cooked from the weed grass (100 g), filled with boiling water (5 liters). Insist 10 hours. Strain, heat the infusion to room temperature. The legs are kept in the bath for 20 minutes.
  • Swollen place wrapped with gauze soaked previously in whey. Over the gauze, compress paper is applied.
  • Chopped garlic (1 head) is poured into a glass of boiling water. Insist half an hour. A gruel is rubbed with swelling. After half an hour, wash off the garlic with cold water.

Swelling of the eyes - how to remove?

If the swelling of the eye is caused by conjunctivitis, colds,coryza, eye drops with a soothing, antibacterial or antiviral effect will help cope with the problem. The edema caused by the infection usually lasts a week.

There are also the following causes of eye swelling:

  • constant lack of sleep;
  • food for the night;
  • salt abuse;
  • smoking;
  • an incorrect position in a dream - it is better to sleep on a flat pillow.

Eye swelling is recommended.manual lymph drainage massage, consisting of soft tapping, produced by the fingertips. The area of ​​influence is the area around the eyes. It is recommended to strengthen the massage with traditional gymnastics for the eyes.

To remove swelling of the eyes, in the morning you canUse special cooling gels with plant extracts. If you use makeup, then remember that gels against swelling are applied to the eyelids a few minutes before applying it. Well proven and ice cubes, prepared from the infusion of marigold or sage.

You can also use the ice masks - they are applied to the closed eyes for a few minutes.