Pretans swelling of the feet

cardiologist April 8, 2016 / Anonymous author / Moscow

In a calm state 69-75. As a child, there was an open aortic window. Hypermobility of the joints. There is shortness of breath during exercise. Edemalegs. Periodically the nasolabial triangle, tongue, and nails appear blue. open

cardiologist September 18, 2015 / Tatyana / Novoshakhtinsk

type.The cardiologist diagnosed dysmetabolic cardiostrophy xchi fk2.Khto this is, can this cause lymphostasis?edemalegs were earlier but such as now nebylo never here already half a year I can not remove or take off an edema legs open

cardiologist September 15, 2015 / marina / city

Hello Dear Doctor! We are a family of military servicemen temporarily were in tajikistan. My father had an attack, after he started dyspnea. He takes 10 years (bradycardia, av ... open

September 17, 2015 / Marina

Good afternoon! My father is 60 years old. Diagnosis xsn, dilated cardiomyopathy of fv 45% of hypotonic.edemalegs , weakness, loss of appetite, he does not sleep at night, and is very thin especially when he receives Lasix. look

cardiologist September 8, 2015 / Polina / Nizhny Novgorod

her legs swell strongly, severe shortness of breath (edema there is also on the back and in the abdomen). became darker and a little bit blue. Thumbs legs (tips) are slightly bluish. No temperature. about this question. How to remove edema at home? Is it possible to replace. open

cardiologist March 10, 2015 / Eugene / Kopeisk

eyelids sometimes fingers of hands in the morning, sometimes fingers legs by evening swell a little, sometimes the feeling that's about to come. the above complaints (cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness, edema century, etc.) I'm afraid that I develop heart failure. open

cardiologist December 13, 2014 / Olga / Arzamas

Hello. I am 43 years old. Chronic pyelonephritis - from the first pregnancy, i.e. more than 22 years (worried a couple of times for life). Last years there were edemas on eyes since morning. ... open

December 14, 2014 / Anonymous

refuse with regular use are fatal or losers edema will pass. For vessels, trental 1t3 can be used. It is necessary to be surveyed an electrocardiogram, the BLOOD B / X a cholesterin, sugar, pechen assays kreatinin, belok.mochevina.esli edemalegs UZGD vessels of the lower extremities, ultrasound. look

cardiologist November 26, 2014 / Elena / Vologda

Hello. I have hypertension, I accept Pestans + arifon, but from amlodipine edemalegs. whether it is possible to replace on Prestarium + Lercamen + arifon? Thank you for opening

Good afternoon, tell me please I began to swell up my legs, I accept Concor 2.5mg. lopaz 50mg.pri edemas take trigrim 50mg.u me hypertension, ventricular ekstrosistoly, from ... open

November 11, 2014 / Anonymous

and what you have complaints, except edema legs. Is there shortness of breath while walking, cough? How do you sleep (if there is dyspnea, were there: ECHO-CG did? How many years of hypertension, what are the numbers of pressure now? edema after taking Trigrim? look

cardiologist October 2, 2014 / Natalia / Omsk

helped to normalize the pressure, then jumps began and more often the pressure was raised to 140-150, edemalegs (she is of normal build and weight). The doctor has appointed or nominated betalok, 0,5 tablets. morning and veroshpiron. Reception прерияриума have transferred on. open

cardiologist August 16, 2014 / anonymous author / moscow

strong edemalegs , insufficiency of the mitral and tricuspedal valves of the heart. atrial fibrillation of the tahisistal shape, hypothyroidism, presumably deep-veined chute legs , lymphostasis. What treatment will advise. open