Troxevasin swelling of the legs

In combination with oral venotonicks, edema of the feet go away quickly.

Do not apply to damaged skin.

With this gel I met just recently. Yes, and he himself, so to speak a novelty! Earlier there was a gel Troxevasinum in which structure entered only active substance trokserutin. And now, in addition to troxerutin, there are also dexpanthenol and sodium heparin in the new Troxevasin Neo gel. Troxerutin is a well-known venotonic agent. It reduces the permeability and fragility of capillaries, increases their tone. Also troxerutin has an excellent anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant effect. It can very well increase the density of the vascular wall and normalize trophic tissue. Heparin, which is a part of Troxevasin Neo, is an anticoagulant of direct action. It improves blood flow, prevents thrombosis. It also prevents inflammation. Dexpanthenol - provitamin B5, it improves metabolic processes, promotes tissue regeneration, and also works as if paired with heparin, improving the absorbability of the latter.
My father-in-law had a very large trophiculcer of the leg. Unfortunately, the problem of trophic ulcers in most cases is directly related to the trophism of tissues. Therefore, no means for healing such ulcers will help unless all conditions are created for which the ulcer can begin to heal gradually. If a person who had such an ulcer had problems with leg swelling, he suffered from thrombophlebitis, then most likely the trophic was long disrupted and the resulting ulcer can not heal unless the root cause is eliminated. With these problems, you must take venotonic drugs inside and out! Inside you can take Troxevasin (capsules), Troxerutin (capsules), Diosmin, Fleobody, Detralex, Venolek, Venozol, Venarus. But do not forget about the external venotonic. My father-in-law used alternately Troxevasin and Troxevasin Neo. Also sometimes used Heparin ointment. But in no case it is impossible to impose a gel on not healed wounds and ulcers! My father-in-law was rubbing the gel in a healthy leg to prevent the occurrence of trophic ulcers, and Troxevasin Neo-gel was rubbed into the painful leg, retreating 10 centimeters around from the ulcer. In this case, the ulcer should be closed with a bandage (after another bandage and doing all the procedures). I have already described all the methods that my father-in-law used to heal an ulcer, but I repeat that the ulcer can not heal until the tissue trophic is normalized, so this ulcer is called trophic. In some cases, you need to wear compression knitwear, rest your feet, more often keep them on the dais. For daily procedures, it is necessary to use a good antiseptic (Chlorhexedin, Miramistin, Prontosan). Antiseptic trophic ulcer is better to handle even twice a day. In doing so, everything should be sterile, hands (gloves), tools, bandages. Hydrogen peroxide as an antiseptic will not work, as it prevents the formation of a young granulation tissue. Further, looking at the stage of trophic ulcers, it is possible to use fermented preparations (napkins Protex T, ProteoxTM, Wolnusan ointments, Iruksol and others). If there is increased sugar, and the ulcer formed against the background of diabetes, then you need to lower the sugar. Troxevasin Neo gel literally in a few days begins to give good results. Legs noticeably less swell, and can be seen with the naked eye that they look healthier, at this stage the trophic ulcer can already begin to tighten. But nevertheless it is necessary to continue every day to rub this gel, but to avoid open, not healed skin areas! Troxevasin Neo gel does give good results, especially with leg swelling and broken tissue trophism!

Overall Impression. Reduces edema of the legs, improves trophic tissue with trophic ulcers.