Vertigo swelling of the feet

one and a half month ago the operation of laser surgery-structure of the nasal concha. Very frightened during the operation. After her, the fever rose. The feet became uncomfortable-drunken, it became obvious as if it had begun. The next day after the operation, the legs began to appear to swell. After 2-3 days after the operation, 200 meters of exercise was a pain - legs below the knees ached kk as though poured. After a little rest, everything was normal again. I lost normal sleep, I fell down in 2-3 hours every night-nektoriya developed. A month later began to hurt in the lumbar region and is still slightly burning. Lying in the hospital found osteohandroz mildly expressed in the lumbar and cervical divisions. Legs gradually ceased to be heavy. The doctor said that I have VSD on an asthly. (nepomnyu as) type and appointed MILDRONAT.Pit did not. Now sometimes it feels like I'm being recorded from time to time. What to do. A tomography of a head did or made-all is normal. On an analysis pilonephritis (klaretin or as it or him = 120 instead of 100) sand in kidneys. I treat kidneys I drink the 5th day of NOLITSIN and phytolysin. the condition does not improve and sleep did not improve.

Biochemistry-normal-common analysis-normal

The general condition is a little panic. Really from a laser such othodnyak.

The neurologist advised to drink FEVARIN 50 mg per night. 1 month is it worth?

I apologize if I put the message in the wrong conf.

I already had a similar condition about a year ago. and passed. now repeated.

And you ask a question in the forum on urology. It is desirable with results of the general analysis of urine.

Agree. And it is even better not to go to a neurologist, but to go back to LOR, who did the operation and asked if everything is in order with the shells. To the urologist - it is obligatory, and the analysis of urine - is obligatory.