Anti-cellulite massage swelling

"Modeling" of the body is not an easy task. To speed up the approach to the ideal, find a good masseur. You will be scraped with fragrant oils, warmed with creams, then patted, remembered and paddled. Down with excess weight, off of cellulite, long live the vigor of spirit and body! The main thing - have patience.

An ideal figure is therefore calledexists mainly in your dreams. Or on the covers of magazines, but here we must remember that often this is the result of the capabilities of the well-known computer program "Photoshop." In real life, such beauty requires certain sacrifices, for example, daily jogging to a nearby gymnasium or refusing a delicious bun for tea. The older you are, the more difficult it is to "hold" weight, as with age, fat tissue becomes dense. Immediately warn: it is useless to "lose weight".

First, this fat goes very slowly,secondly, there is a high probability that your skin will look like a blown off ball. Do not forget that all recover in different ways. There are two main types of female figure: "pear" and "apple". The owners of the first type of problem are hips and buttocks, because fat deposits accumulate here. But for women with the figure "apple" a couple of extra kilograms first appears on the waist, and the figure immediately loses femininity. At the same time, fat has a tendency to migrate to the abdomen, which will immediately add a couple of sizes and add a few years.

The concept of "massage for a figure" is quite extensive. Each masseur has his own set of "branded" techniques designed to save you from extra centimeters, restore the skin to its former elasticity, and also to tone or vice versa, to relax the "hammered" muscles. In the course go as hands, and improvised tools like cans, honey, stones and even bamboo sticks. But the idea of ​​massage as a whole is simple and understandable. First of all, this is a certain effect on the skin and subcutaneous fat.

Any massage aimed at correcting the figure,accelerates the metabolism, removes toxins, strengthens blood circulation and lymph flow, and slowly but surely destroys so-called "fat capsules". The skin also gets its charge of vivacity, becomes more elastic, and elastic. But that's not all. Massages aimed at correcting the figure, enhance metabolism and so "dumbfound" the body that he completely forgets about buns and pies, and instead requires vegetables, fruits or, at most, a boiled chicken.

Five "for" in favor of a massage

1. This is a healthy alternative to diet and "miracle tablets." Nothing is introduced into the body, but excess fat and slag are excreted.

2. After reducing the volume, the skin does not sag, but on the contrary, it becomes smooth and elastic.

3. Massage affects not only the problem areas, but also the entire body. Slowly, but surely he is tuned to the right job.

4. Muscles during an anti-cellulite massage are also tightened, so that the body will not just be slim, but also tightened.

5. Kilograms and centimeters will not return, as after a diet: because during the procedures you lead a normal lifestyle.

1. Sculpting (modeling) massage

For what? To reduce body fat. The most famous way of manual correction of a figure. He is the most "extreme". The impact here is local (you are only massaged by the problem areas), but what! The task of the masseur is not just to increase blood flow and activate metabolism, but also to "crush" the fat cells. If you survive a full course of 10-12 procedures, you will lose 5 or even 12 centimeters on the hips and waist.

The first stage of the modeling massage goes welltolerant and even pleasant. At first the body is heated with the help of special creams, then it is stroked and rubbed. When your muscles are completely relaxed, prepare to wait a little. Within half an hour you will be squashed, pinching, and possibly, and beating, and it is very noticeable. It is possible that in half an hour the body will be covered with bruises. To see the first results, it is recommended to hold at least 10-12 procedures. Visiting the masseur should be at least two times a week, and even better - every other day.

For what? To smooth out the "orange peel" (including running). This kind of massage is often also called modeling. This is true, but only partly. Relaxing, it certainly can not be called, but it is not as intense as its "fellow". Competent anti-cellulite massage does not break fat cells, but causes the body to "burn" them independently. The master will try to maximally improve blood circulation in these areas, since the main thing in the treatment of cellulite is the restoration of microcirculation.

Rubbing, kneading and stroking alternateso that you feel comfortable, but on the other hand, they so warm up your body that the temperature in the problem areas rises by several degrees. This stimulates the production of "proteins of youth" - elastin and collagen, improves circulation, provides lymph drainage. To enhance the fat burning effect, the masseuses use a variety of creams or serums that are applied immediately before the massage. They contain substances that activate metabolism: silicon, caffeine, ivy extracts, ginkgo, horse chestnut, tiger grass, needle, algae, as well as vitamin A and various useful enzymes. Some creams contain aminophylline, a substance that causes fat cells to "push" fat out of themselves. The recommended course for the prevention of cellulite - 1 time in 4-6 weeks, with moderate cellulite need 5-10 sessions, 2 times a week. With pronounced cellulite 3-4 stages the program is selected individually

3. Traditional Thai massage

For what? To relax the "hammered" and tired muscles, to remove swelling, as well as to correct posture. Forget the generally accepted associations: a wellness Thai massage is done in clothes, on a special massage mat, stuffed with coconut shavings. First, you will massage your feet. In Thai it means "for acquaintance". Then begins the actual massage. Prepare yourself for what is happening with you in will be completely different from the usual manipulations. The master presses on the bioactive points located on the energy lines, gently stretches and squeezes the muscles. It's like yoga and reflexology at the same time. You lie and relax, and the body works and receives intense physical activity. If you believe the Thais, two hours of such manipulations can be compared with 5 hours of power load! If you are not one of those who believe in such blessings, just relax and enjoy. To feel the result, you need a course of 10 procedures.

For what? To strengthen the skin and smooth cellulite 1 and 2 stages. Remember how in the childhood you put banks? The masseuse does the same. Only first he will spread the body with special lipolytic oils, then he will take the jar, hold a burning swab over the inner walls, and "glue" it to the skin. After this begins, actually, the massage itself - the banks move along the body smooth, but strong movements. This is an excellent charging for the skin, and a good lymph drainage, which allows you to remove swelling and destroy fat deposits.

The result becomes noticeable after 5-8 sessions of vacuum massage.

To the mistress of the note: a session of anti-cellulite vacuum massage can be arranged at home, with the help of a faithful friend or beloved man;)

For what? For the removal of edema, the withdrawal of toxins and as an additional procedure in the treatment of cellulite. Lymphatic drainage massage primarily affects the lymphatic system, which is the "garbage" of our body. When you lose weight and actively get rid of toxins, not far away and before it clogs. So lymphatic drainage is not a luxury, but an urgent necessity. Moreover, the procedure itself is very pleasant. An experienced specialist first relieves stresses and spasms in the muscles and then only realizes the "pumping" of the lymphatic system. In other words, you will get a gentle stroking massage, which is performed by light wave-like movements from the bottom up, along the current of the lymph. And these movements are so smooth and soft that you will not notice how sweet it will be to fall asleep. By the way, this massage not only stimulates the lymph flow, but it has a positive effect on the nervous system - especially if you are engaged in power fitness that requires a certain amount of tension.

The general course of lymphatic drainage massage is 8-10 procedures, which are performed every other day.

Five reasons in favor of anti-cellulite massage - more on the topic:

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