Thrombophlebitis swelling of the legs

swelling of the feet - origin, symptoms, treatment
Many suffer from frequent swelling of the feet, especiallyby the end of the working day. Most often with this problem people are already quite old enough or women during pregnancy. The causes of the onset of edema may be different, that's just what you should pay attention to, and do not leave this problem without solution.
The first symptom of the edema is that the fluid accumulates in the tissues, which does not have an outlet, so you need to pay attention to the changes that occur in your body.
Most often, leg swelling is a signal of the body aboutthat something is happening in it, for example, heart problems began. However more often people throw off the given problem that simply the hard day has stood out, there is a weariness which shows itself in puffiness.
Basically, such problems are facedwomen. At the beginning of the working day, everything is okay with the legs, and by the end of the shoe, it is starting to tighten, and when you come home, you feel a slight burning and pain in the foot, and you can see a noticeable swelling on your leg.
The reason can be either uncomfortable shoes, orlong walks on heels, plentiful drink, endless running around and fatigue. And in fact the truth happens so, that the puffiness appears because of fatigue, but this is only for older women, but young people should not hide behind this reason. This problem can be much more serious.

There are the main causes of edema. Here are the main ones:
1) Heart failure is a high blood pressure,a weak heart, through which blood circulates badly. If everything is in this problem, then two legs will swell at once, as blood accumulates in the veins.
2) Problems with the liver. The liver is interconnected with the heart, and if the circulation is poorly carried out because of it, the liver will also work poorly, forming stagnation in the lungs. So the legs swell, and there are problems with the respiratory tract.
3) Pregnancy. This phenomenon is temporary, since excess fluid is peculiar to accumulate in the body of a pregnant woman. This is not a violation, but an effect that will later pass.
4) After trauma. If a leg was injured at one time, then there is a possibility that the tissues were damaged, which means that a tumor can develop.
5) Sedentary work and lifestyle in general.
6) Problems with the thyroid gland, but because of this problem with the kidneys.
7) Excess weight. It can help a normal diet or just the right diet, can reduce weight and prevent the formation of edema.
8) Contaminated air and ecology.
9) Nervousness and depression.
10) Hereditary factor and sex of a person. As already mentioned above, women are more prone to puffiness.
11) Age - older people are more prone to puffiness, since the body is already weakened, tissues are thinner, and excess fluid accumulates more easily.

These are just some aspects of the onset of edema. And if you constantly swollen legs, and you can not determine the cause, it is better to consult a doctor, so that he can find and help eliminate these problems.
First of all, the treatment of edema depends on the fact,why they arise. However, the first action that you can take to at least relieve swelling at home is a cold compress applied to the edematous place.
If it's a matter of heart problems, then it's best to contact a cardiologist, because only he can conduct a full diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment.
Inability to determine the cause of edema does not mean that they should be treated independently. Yes, you may swell, but you will not be able to get rid of the root cause of this disease. Here it is necessary and examination, and the delivery of tests.
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