How to quickly remove leg swelling during pregnancy

During pregnancy in the body of a womanthere are various changes, and some of them frighten future mothers. One such manifestation is swelling during pregnancy. And if the edematous syndrome in women who are not expecting a child is a symptom of some disease, is it possible to consider swelling during pregnancy as an indicator of any disease? Is any pregnancy accompanied by swelling? Is it a norm or a pathology? These and other questions will be answered by the women's magazine JustLady.

To begin with, we will understand in what kinds of edemas meet. The first are physiological swelling, with which almost all pregnant women are familiar. There are swelling during pregnancy due to physical overloads, incorrectnutrition, stress, hot weather. For example, the expectant mother ate too many salty foods, and this caused swelling of the legs. However, there is nothing terrible in this situation, because these swelling are not dangerous for the health of mom and baby. In a state of rest such manifestations disappear on their own. Another issue is pathological swelling, which signals the presence of a disease.

If you want to determine if you have swelling,then remember, did not you get any shoes that you never shaved before, and also check how much your weight increases per week. Normally, during pregnancy, a woman should add between 8 and 12 kg. Starting from week 20, the weight gain should be 350 g per week. This is the norm, and if your weight exceeds these figures, then you need to see a doctor. Of course, if swellings are visible even with the naked eye, then you yourself will notice them. But the difficulty is that often there are hidden swelling during pregnancy. in another way - fluid retention in the body. Most of the swelling in pregnant women who do not have a kidney or cardiovascular pathology, are manifested in the second half of pregnancy.

Usually they first appear swelling of the legs during pregnancy. then the hands, face, and stomach can begin to swell. Naturally, women are very upset because of this. Most of the legs swell during the day when the woman walks, and all the liquid drops and starts to accumulate on the legs, feet and ankles. With swelling, the skin is pale, smooth and tense, during depression, a hole appears on it. If swelling of the legs during pregnancy appear in the first half, it can bea sign of a disease. But in the second half of pregnancy edema is considered a sign of gestosis - a very common phenomenon in our days. Gestosis can occur when the process of adaptation of the female body to pregnancy is violated.

Swelling during pregnancy: what to do

A few tips for those who are concerned swelling in pregnancy: what to do in this situation, how to reduce puffiness. than it is necessary to eat. First of all, the magazine JustLady advises future mothers to carefully monitor their diet. It is best to eat 5-6 times a day, portions should be small so as not to overeat. Eating a pregnant woman should be balanced, useful and varied. Eat more vegetables, fruits, greens, dairy products, fish. Enter into your diet raisins and dried apricots - they contain calcium, potassium and magnesium. It is advisable to eat boiled products or steamed. Try not to eat smoked, spicy and pickled products, and, of course, fast food. Remember that salt helps to retain fluid in the body, so watch out for how much salt you consume: preferably there are low-salted dishes. During the day, do foot massage, do not wear tight shoes and clothes. Do not sit for long in one pose. Ask your doctor what kind of exercise you can perform, and do it daily. Before going to bed, it is advisable to breathe fresh air. Very useful and generally nice to swim in the pool. The women's magazine JustLady recommends that you follow these simple rules, and then swelling will bother you less.

How to relieve swelling in pregnancy

Now a few words about how, how to relieve swelling in pregnancy. Usually doctors prescribe phyto-tea. A glass of infusion during the day for three to four meals, the course - three to four weeks. However, such diuretics can be used only after consulting a doctor. Without his advice, such infusions can not be applied, as this can aggravate the situation. When there is edema, a woman should remember: one should not engage in self-medication, since pregnancy requires not only an attentive attitude, but also over-care. Therefore, if you do not know, how to relieve swelling in pregnancy. first consult a doctor. Often pregnant women are recommended vegetable diuretics. For example, the juice of mountain ash: juice from 1 kg of ripe mountain ash to boil with 600 g of sugar. You can make a collection of a bearberry leaf (3 hours), flowers of cornflower (1 hour), licorice root. 1 tbsp. mixture pour 1 cup boiling water, insist for about half an hour, drain. Take such a collection 3-4 times a day for 1 tablespoon. Good help lime tea - brew linden flowers, drink tea 3-4 times a day for half a glass.

Pamper your feet with trays or herbssea ​​salt, or just keep them in cool water. After that, do a light massage, starting to rub the feet and climbing higher. Let your feet rest: lie down on the sofa and put your feet 10-15 cm above the body, or just put a pillow under them.

The women's magazine JustLady hopes that these tips will help you if not to avoid, then at least just reduce swelling.

Alice Terentyeva
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