Swelling and pain of the big toe

Any swelling is a cause for concern. This is a physiological manifestation of a violation of the activity of an organ. There are different reasons:

  • an allergic reaction to an insect bite,
  • injury to the joint,
  • venous inflammation,
  • fatigue.

Let's see how to remove the swelling from your finger.

How to remove the swelling from your finger, if you fail unsuccessfullyor hit during a repair with a hammer on the finger? Address immediately to the traumatologist to exclude a bone fracture. Having learned that the bone is intact, you can proceed to soda or herbal lotions to relieve the swelling of your finger. The doctor will consult you.

If the swelling of the finger is associated with inflammation in the vein, consult a therapist. By examination, he will determine the cause of the disease. It can be a violation of the heart, liver and kidneys.

The fingers of the hands can still swell because of the heaviness of the loads that you carry. This puffiness will go away itself, if you give rest to your hands. You can put your hands in a tub of cold water for a few minutes.

Swelling of the big toe

And now let's see how to remove the edema of a largetoe. This is a fairly common disease not only among the elderly, but also young people. We are talking about gout. This disease leads to a swelling of the big toe and painful sensations. A good anti-inflammatory drugs that strengthen joint tissues. The right appointment can only be done by a specialist.

With arthritis, try a bath with oilSt. John's wort or eucalyptus. Applications of finely chopped onions are also effective. Another inflammation removes the wrapping with cabbage leaves or rubbing the fir oil into the thumb.

It would be nice to put a tight bandage on the joint, fixing it.