Severe swelling of the legs after caesarean section

Sometimes new moms afterCaesarean sections face the problem of edema. Such a phenomenon, as a rule, indicates the presence of a violation in the body. To a woman to determine for herself whether she has swelling or not, press a thumb with her thumb to press on the skin of the leg in the region of the tibia. If there is a fossa after this, which does not disappear within 5 seconds, then there is a puffiness.

What causes swelling?

Women often ask why the legs swell after cesarean section, and what are the causes of this phenomenon? In most cases, they include:

  • phlebeurysm;
  • protein deficiency;
  • diseases of the cardiac and excretory systems;
  • disruption of the endocrine system.

What to do if there is edema after cesarean section?

The only true solution in such situations will be to seek medical advice. It is very important to correctly determine the cause that caused this violation.

After the diagnosis, they begin to treat edema of the legs, which occur after caesarean section.

Medication in such cases includesthe appointment of diuretics and monitoring the amount of fluid consumed daily by the mother. It is also necessary to follow certain rules, which, in the first place, concern the salt diet. In other words, the mother should consume salt as little as possible and, if possible, reject it altogether.

Also excellent in fighting swellinglimbs elevated leg position. To do this, a woman must hold the legs every day for 15 minutes so that her feet are above the entire body - lie on her back and put under them a few large pillows.

Often doctors advise wearing in such situationsSpecial, pulling underwear or wrapping the legs with elastic bandages. This leads to an increase in the tone of the blood vessels, which ultimately leads to a decrease in edema.