Than the edema of a brain is dangerous

In fact, cerebral edema in the modernmedical practice is quite common. This condition can be caused by a variety of reasons. Sometimes it arises from even an ordinary cold. influenza state or acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI). The most important thing in its development is to quickly identify it and begin a truly effective treatment.

What is the swelling of the brain?
Edema of the brain is a disease,accompanied by the accumulation in the tissues of not only the head but also the spinal cord of a very large amount of water. This fact is due to a violation of the normal movement of water, as well as a metabolic disorder in the human body. We note right away that this pathology is extremely serious and dangerous. It is peculiar in the first place to provoke an increase in pressure in the area of ​​the skull. In addition, it causes a disorder of consciousness. Especially dangerous is the swelling of the brain stem. as in such cases there is a serious violation of respiratory function and blood supply. In addition, against the background of this disease, the syndrome of infringement or displacement of the brain can also develop.

What are the symptoms of swelling in the brain?
In the first place, a person beginsnoted excessive drowsiness, as well as the difficulty in orienting not only in its general state, but also in the surrounding space. It is quite possible in this case and a complete loss of orientation, even when talking with other people. Often, these patients are noted and convulsions, as well as some other violations of respiratory and cardiovascular performance.

Therapy of cerebral edema is in the majoritycases conservative. It is aimed primarily at reducing intracranial pressure, normalizing the normal process of breathing and circulation. Reduce the pressure of special diuretic drugs. In the case of a prolonged absence of treatment, patients may also experience disturbances in the functioning of the cerebral cortex. Such patients should be provided with complete rest, that is why they are prescribed a strict bed rest. It is also important to note the fact that in the room in which the patient is, all the time there should be a free flow of air. If the general state of health worsens, the patient is taken to the hospital for dehydration therapy. This method of treatment is based on intravenous administration of a solution of sodium chloride, as well as a solution of magnesium sulfate and glucose. Most often in the fight against this pathological condition, medicines such as hypothiazide, cortisone, fonurit, prednisolin, merkuzal and some others. It is possible that the patient will be prescribed and special antihistamines such as pinnacle. Increasingly, with the implementation of edema therapythe brain is used and ganglioblokiruyuschie drugs. Most importantly, do not forget that with the development of this very serious disease, you must act without delay.

Before use, consult a specialist.

pavel December 24, 2011 04:56

I did not think there was a brain swelling.
I knew that there was swelling of the arms, legs, but to mogu, for the first time I hear.

Anna January 27, 2011 11:32

I hear about the brain edema for the first time. I always knew that the hands, legs, lungs, face can swell, but I could not imagine that the swelling would affect the brain. I remained shocked. It turns out that I do not know everything about my body. Moreover, if you read other information, you can learn other new information. Thank you for the article. Personally for me it was very useful. Surely, many other readers will be able to say this, too, since I'm 100% sure that not everyone knows about brain edema.

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