Cerebral edema of the newborn

I endure the brain. Buckets.

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QUOTE (Egor 12.11.12 @ Nov 19 2012, 09:00 PM)

Neurologically: Motor activity is increased. Muscle tone is variable. Unconditioned reflexes are animated. 16.11.2012. Ultrasound of the brain: PATHOLOGY NOT UNDERSTANDED.


I'm not a doctor, but I would be worried about these lines in my statement. A brain ultrasound for a newborn is not a simple study, but an excuse to ask what doctors suspected.
And I will join all the others: let it be all right.

If there is such an opportunity (or to find it, an opportunity), then it is worth consulting (with all the doctors' records about the child) from another (other) neonantologist.

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let it be mowed

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Here !! My children and in general in the hospital do not do ultrasound of the brain!

Did you make a tomogram? must do.
The child was born on the act of what week? Always expected and fact different.

I do not believe in harming the vaccination. I do not believe in lack of milk. You have something that requires more "intelligence" than doctors say.
I never say that our health and our children depend only on us. Nobody cares.

Mom out of categories

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Each resuscitation has its own express laboratory that works around the clock. The main indicators of the tests are done within a few minutes.

There is not a change in CT, and MRI in all hospitals.

Ultrasound of the brain in the hospital, it strains. There had to be some kind of testimony, if not, then why.

To build us some assumptions, from what, why and how - ungrateful business. It is more important that a child out of the current state with the least loss in health.

Parents of patience, and the baby soon recover.

Dad, see if the eye was looking at the baby. A good specialist can say a lot on the fundus.