How to remove foot swelling

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Leg edema is an undesirable problem with which,most of us are facing. And that's why many people are interested in the important question: how to remove the swelling of the legs at home, without using medications, i.e. popular methods. This manifestation often occurs in the evening, after you return home after a busy day full of work. And besides the aesthetic imperfection and not attractive appearance, the swelling of the legs can be a signal about the manifestation of any diseases. For example, leg swelling can be caused by cardiovascular diseases. urinary system, metabolic malfunction, incorrect lifestyle, etc.

How to take the swelling of the legs

More often a question how to remove a swelling of legs or foots, it is setthe female half of humanity. And this should not be surprising, because often not very comfortable shoes have on the state of the legs is not the best impact. In cases where the swelling of the legs is manifested systematically and regularly, it is necessary to consult a specialist. In the same case, if the swelling of your legs occurs from time to time, then you can use the tips described below.

The first thing you need to remember is that people,suffering from varicose veins is contraindicated (even dangerous) to take hot foot baths, which can contribute to stagnation of blood in the vessels.
Remove foot swelling with proper nutrition?

Good prophylaxis not to ariseFoot edema is the consumption of foods and fresh fruits with vegetables, which contain a lot of potassium in their composition, for example, honey, dried apricots, bananas, peaches, apricots, leaf lettuce, etc.

We remove foot swelling with folk remedies

Prophylactic action against edemalegs have a salty bath. This procedure will eliminate the swelling of the legs, but also will refresh them perfectly. To do this, it is necessary to dilute a little sea salt in warm water or add a few drops of oil to it. In the resulting water-salt mixture, lower the legs and hold them for at least 20 minutes, then rinse with cool water and massage the shins and feet.

Swelling of the legs can be removed and diuretics,taken inside, for example, you need to drink water acidified with lemon juice or citric acid. In addition, you can drink infusion from the root of parsley. Prepare it is not difficult - 1 tablespoon chopped parsley root pour into a thermos and pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. After an 8-hour infusion, take a tablespoon in between meals.

Also, the swelling of the legs will pass if you drink during the dayinstead of water infusion of grass sporishi. This tool not only relieves you of foot swelling, but also removes all excess water from the body as a whole and cleanses the kidneys. To make this infusion, take 1 tablespoon of herbs and fill it with 2 liters of boiling water. After the water has cooled, the infusion can be drunk. This infusion helps to purify the body of toxins and toxins, as well as improves the excretory system.

Another solution to the problem of how to remove swellingfeet - a pack of raw grated potatoes. On a small grater, grind several potatoes and spread the resulting gruel evenly over the entire area of ​​the swollen leg. Wrap it from above with a soft cloth (preferably cotton) or polyethylene. Hold at least 2 hours, then replace the potatoes with a fresh portion, and hold for a couple of hours.

The edema of the legs can also be removed with ice massage. Decoction of any healing herbs (marigold, aloe, etc.) freeze to make a piece of ice. Crush the ice, wrap it in a thin tissue and massage the feet. The effect of this procedure should surprise you.

The following folk remedy (used with oldtimes), helping to remove the swelling of the legs, this is fresh birch foliage. Take two canvas sacks fill them in several layers with fresh birch leaves and place the legs in them. After three hours you can already observe the result.

You can get rid of foot swelling while drinkingdaily on 1/3 glasses of water tincture "corn stigmas and sticks". You can get this collection in any pharmacy. Applying this infusion, swelling of your legs will take place in just a couple of days.

Another ancient means of getting rid of foot swellingAre medical leeches. This method is very effective, but not the most pleasant, so you can replace it using a variety of ointments and creams containing extract of leeches.

All of the above methods ensure the removal of excess fluid from the body and thus relieve swelling of the legs.

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