What causes foot swelling

Natalie Guru (2679), closed 6 years ago

theory 1. Edemas appear due to the fact that the body lacks fluid and it retains moisture. Therefore, to get rid of edema, you need to drink more water.
theory 2. Edemas appear from the fact that the body can not cope with the amount of fluid consumed. Hence you need to drink less water.

Your versions and opinions.

Coma Orakul (69912) 6 years ago

What theories are talking about, if the cause of edema in pregnant women has long been determined by doctors?
The reasons can be two:
1. Kidney pathology
2. Cardiovascular pathology

Natalie Guru (2679) 6 years ago

Did you just take it and find out the reason, takeanalyzes, did or made an electrocardiogram and spent other procedures? personally we have in the LC, as in other and everywhere in all patients the diagnosis is the same and everyone is treated with the same drug. And blindly to the doctor I would not trust. Because they work in the system and they do not give a shit about your health. You do not need anyone other than yourself, unless of course you have a family doctor to whom you are dropping an insane amount of dough and it is worn with you and your analyzes as with a written-off baggage. Here at me personally on 8th month fingers on hands swell. I'm trying to find out the reason. The diagnosis of renal or cardiovascular pathology in the map is not worth it.

Coma Oracles (69912) People do not judge by themselves. Firstly, I do not have edema and I do not run and do not figure out the reason. Secondly, I do not care about doctors from the LCD more than they care about me. I do not listen to them and do not fulfill their purpose IN GENERAL. Thirdly, a good doctor is not necessarily a lot of money. you and for a huge loot can puddle the brain. Fourthly, we are not a family doctor, but a family of doctors. the father the vascular surgeon and the candidate of sciences, mother the nurse, the mother-in-law the therapist. my husband and I ourselves have unfinished honey. education. well and naturally in all directions we have good friends of doctors who "treat" their own well and for free. If the cause is so important to you - go to the ultrasound of the kidneys and to the vascular surgeon. As a rule, if the kidneys jam, then the legs swell. and if the cardiovascular system, the upper body. But your first theory is exactly nonsense. and with edemas, more water can not be drunk. just as you can not eat salty and spicy.

djinni djinni Thinker (7699) 6 years ago

not a version and opinion. but on my own experience. drank a lot of water. overweight.

Irina Mudrets (10203) 6 years ago

Kidneys can not cope, you need to drink a diuretic.

Irina Ignatova Guru (4185) 6 years ago

Pregnant women may have two causes of edema - gestosis (appearing already in the morning) and varicose veins (appearing towards evening, after a prolonged vertical load).

Anna Enlightened (29615) 6 years ago

A big load on the body, you need to drink a diuretic, just consult with a doctor before taking the medicine

Victoria Guru (3943) 6 years ago

swelling not from water, but from salt, smoked, canned tomatoes and cucumbers, etc., and this is what keeps water in the body. Well, I agree with Irina Efimenko

Haciyevi Profi (513) 6 years ago

pridichina-kidneys that can not cope.

Vitamin Pupil (103) 6 years ago

because the kidneys do not work well.

Victoria Mikheeva Enlightened (38241) 6 years ago

A pregnant woman is disturbed by water-saltmetabolism in the body and the vessels become more permeable. The fluid from the vessels as it swells into the tissues, here you have swelling. And the question is not in drinking, but in how many you consume salty foods.

tamara lipu Guru (2999) 6 years ago

my gynecologist says that in some women the water retention in the cells is inevitable and nothing can be done so the organism is arranged
3rd pregnancy every time 20 kilograms
and water still advises to drink a lot 2 liters

Carolina Timohovtseva Profi (702) 6 years ago

the kidneys can not cope, the load on the legs

Malika Guru (4652) 6 years ago

the kidneys do not cope, 2-3 times a day you need to stand in the knee-elbow position for 15-20 minutes, the tummy hangs and the kidneys are easier to work, tested for yourself. t absolutely not necessarily that you have a pathology.

NATALIA TKACHENKO Master (2299) 6 years ago

less need to drink. this is especially harmful in the last months. the doctor told me that it would be more difficult to give birth