Edema of the legs with kidney disease

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Edema in kidney disease
A terrible symptom, which sometimes appears suddenly,without any apparent cause, is a peripheral edema that simply does not occur. If you have swollen legs from time to time, you just need to check the kidneys and do it as quickly as possible. Always before the appearance of this symptom there is a headache, an incomprehensible weakness, perhaps, thirst and dry mouth, sometimes the skin is scratched and, of course, the amount of urine decreases. The body should listen, he does not advise bad and always tells you what's wrong. Just need to be more careful and more anxious about your health.

Why do edema develop in kidney disease? Because the excretory function of the kidneys is impaired. Do you know that the kidneys pass about one hundred and fifty liters of primary urine per day? It is allocated by them about one and a half-two liters per day. The kidneys concentrate the decomposition products in this volume and rid the body of the harmful effects of substances that have arisen in the course of natural processes. If the kidneys are damaged, the fluid is delayed in the body. It can not all be in the vascular channel, so excess swims through the wall and accumulates in interstitial spaces, as well as cavities. In this case, edemas of various organs may be formed, including edema of the kidneys.

Do not bring yourself to a state wheremedicine can not do a miracle, therefore, as soon as you have an edema of the legs, the kidneys are damaged in something and are involved in a certain pathological process. Of course, edema of the legs can appear not only for kidney reasons. Heart failure also includes this symptom. This proves once again that any peripheral edema is a dangerous sign that should be very troubling to the patient and cause him to go to the doctor.

Kidneys are a rather delicate organ, disrespectfultreatment with which can lead to serious consequences, disability for the rest of life. Many patients are simply chained to the apparatus of an artificial kidney, although many could avoid such consequences if the edema in kidney disease were taken more seriously, and also if they faithfully followed all the doctor's instructions. Protect your health from the earliest times, because many diseases can be avoided and leave yourself a pleasant and quiet old age, which will not be a burden.

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