Rupture of ligaments of the ankle joint edema

The rupture of the ankle joints occurs most oftendue to excessive loads on this joint. In order for the ankle to perform its function properly, it is surrounded by a large number of muscles, tendons and ligaments that protect it from damage. Very often because of the obtained herbs there is a rupture of the ligaments of the ankle joint. Let's take a closer look at the symptoms of such trauma and how patients are treated in this case.

Excessive efforts during exercise canlead to rupture of ligaments. Also their tearing can provoke and small insufficient walks in the fresh air. Musculoskeletal system without physical activity begins to "grow old", because of what muscles and ligaments lose their functional capabilities, and even completely begin to atrophy. Also, ligament tear often occurs in the elderly, because during this period the ligaments become weak, and the muscles - lose their elasticity. Because of this, sudden movements can trigger the rupture of the ankle ligaments.

Symptoms of ligament rupture depend on the severity of the injury. The degree of rupture of the ligaments of the ankle joint and their symptoms:

  1. With a mild degree of received ligament injuryget a slight stretching and a little torn ankle fibers. Microtrauma and micro-rupture of soft tissues with tendons can be observed. The skin becomes swollen during this trauma, becomes swollen and red. A person suffers from aching pain, especially while walking or performing any movements;
  2. During the second degree of the resulting injury, the tearThe tendon is such that the patient has difficulty moving independently. The place of the bruise is very painful, the joint swells, reddens, and there is a swelling in the place of the rupture;
  3. During the third degree of the injury, the doctorstates that the ligaments and tendons are completely torn. The patient can not move independently. From the ankle to the foot the joint swells, sometimes there is a bruise or bruise.

In any case, after seeing the above symptomsrupture of ligaments, it is important for a person to be rushed to the hospital urgently to provide timely assistance and to save him the opportunity to walk on his own.

Diagnose the rupture of ligaments of the ankle joint due to such methods:

  1. Radiography is performed. The picture shows a fracture of the joint or ankle bias. This type of diagnosis is the most effective and truthful if it is performed correctly;
  2. To determine in what condition the muscle tissues, ligaments and tendons of the joint resort to magnetic resonance imaging. This type of diagnosis will accurately indicate the degree of injury to the joint.
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Treat damaged ligaments correctly

If you look at the ligaments, they are damagedslightly, the patient's doctor lets go home. Treatment is assigned to the following: compliance with the sparing regimen, the affected limb is fixed with a special bandage. The first few days are recommended to apply ice to the damaged places. On the third - the fourth day after getting the injury - the joint needs to be warmed. Tearing ligaments is not a disease in which a complete bed rest is put. On the contrary, it is recommended to move as usual, it is important only to securely fix the damaged joint and do not rely on it completely.

If you comply with all the prescriptions of the doctor, the treatment of the fibers will happen quickly, and after two weeks the patient will be able to move normally, provided the first time does not heavily burden the joint.

Tendon tendon need to be carefully treated. To ensure a rigid fixation impose a plaster langet. To physiotherapy procedures resorted to three days after receiving the injury. Treatment lasts no less than three weeks.

If the rupture of ligaments of the anklehas occurred completely, the patient is hospitalized in hospital. The patient feels the following symptoms - severe pain, swelling of the joint, sometimes the body temperature rises. To relieve severe pain, the doctor is forced to make an anesthetic injection. Often a puncture is performed locally to remove blood and inject novocaine into the joint. For almost a month, a plaster cast is applied to the damaged joint.

Inpatient treatment is medicationmeans and physiotherapy. It is useful to wiggle the fingers of the injured leg, in order to speed up the adhesion of the ligaments and provide them with nutrition. When the gypsum is removed, the patient should be sent to the sanatorium for a couple of months to carry out rehabilitation activities.

Methods for treating ankle tendon rupture

Treatment of ligament ruptures in the ankle joint is performed using the following methods:

  • Cryotherapy. Cold compresses or packets of frozen water are applied to the site of the tendon rupture. Cold narrows the blood vessels, which reduces blood circulation, reduces swelling and pain. This method is most useful for several hours after getting injured;
  • Treatment with pressure bandages and elastic bandages stabilizes the position of the joint and reduces swelling of the tissues. Bandages and bandages are used during the execution of severe physical exertion;
  • To reduce swelling and pain in the affected joint, the leg is recommended to raise above the level of the heart;
  • Treatment of rupture of tendons is also carried out with non-steroidal inflammatory agents, for example, ketorolac, ibuprofen, nimesulide. The listed preparations are used as an ointment, cream or tablets;
  • Symptoms like swelling and severe pain are treated with injections. Lidocaine, hydrocortisone or novocaine is injected with a prick into the area of ​​the painful joint;
  • To develop ankle joint after gypsumor bandages are prescribed the performance of exercise therapy. When compiling a set of therapeutic exercises, the doctor must take into account the type of rupture of the tendons, the severity of the tendons and the general condition of the damaged joint. To restore damaged ligaments as quickly as possible, it is recommended to systematically perform all prescribed exercises;
  • To accelerate the recovery processes in tissues on the third day after injury, it is allowed to apply heat to the joint. It is useful to make warming compresses and apply warming ointments;
  • If the ligaments are completely ruptured, the doctor will have to perform an operation during which the damaged ligaments are sewn;
  • When physiotherapy treatment is carried out with the help of paraffin applications, UHF therapy, diadynamic current. Thanks to such procedures, tissues recover more quickly;
  • To reduce the pain in the joint resort to manual therapy and massage. If the massage is performed qualitatively, recovery of damaged ligaments is much quicker.

To help the body recover fasterdamaged ligaments it is important to observe a special diet, which consists in the use of protein products. For example, meat of any animal, canned meat, milk, dairy products, fish, fish oil, eggs and other protein foods. The protein promotes the restoration of damaged bone tissue. Recovery after treatment of the injury occurs within two weeks. In some cases, given the severity of the gap, the doctor may prescribe a longer period of treatment and recovery.

When getting injured, it is important to immediately turn todoctor in order to take all the necessary measures in a timely manner. It is also important to strictly follow all the advice and recommendations of the doctor. After treatment, it is important to wear a tight bandage for some time, which will prevent repeated stretching or rupture of ligaments. In addition, bandages will help to recover faster after injury and resume normal functioning of the joint.

If you do not follow all the prescriptions of the doctor, there isthe likelihood that the ligaments will grow together incorrectly, which can lead to the development of arthritis of the ankle. In addition, while walking with a wrong fusion of tendons a person can feel pain and discomfort. A severe case, which can not be treated in any way, can lead to disability and disability.

From the above, we can conclude that it is importantseriously treat the injury of the joint and not neglect treatment. Thanks to all the healing procedures, you have the chance, as soon as possible to recover from injury, and return to the old way of life.

Now you know what a ligament rupture isankle joint, what are its symptoms, why it can happen and how it can be treated. Take care of your health, and for the first time after recovery do not load too much joints with physical exertion to prevent repeated rupture of ligaments or tendons. First time do not go for long distances. A little later, on the contrary, long walks will only benefit.

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