How to quickly remove the swelling of the legs

Swollen feet. how quickly to remove the swelling? share your experience.

Girls. I know everything: what salt to exclude, spices, sweet, to sit milokochae. But all this will not take off a strong swelling of the legs (it is unclear where it came from), it takes several days.
I'm interested in how quickly (for a day or so) this vodka is cleaned up with household and pharmacy products. It really hinders, 3 days I suffer - does not descend. (
With the kidneys, there are small problems (they always were with me from school), but there was never such an edema before.

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Here I have a suspicion, too, that this salt delays the water. I've now reduced it, for several days now, it's just got a little easier today. But at once it is not displayed. (
Well, that means I'll make herbs, drink. It's not the first such advice. ) Thank you ;)

I recently ate a salty salad, also watergot drunk - the feeling was that I was poured with water. Girls with Gali teas advised and furosemide. I drank Furosemide, since the case was really urgent. And yesterday I went to the pharmacy - I bought tea special for the kidneys. He is so delicious and quenches his thirst. buy in the pharmacy some collection

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