Sprain of the ankle joint swelling

Ankle joint is one of the most importantjoints of man, tk. in the bulk of the body rests on it when walking and running. For this reason, stretching the ankle joints is the most common of the injuries traumatologists deal with, although surgeons almost as often have to face admission and with sprain of the knee and wrist joints. Obviously, this problem is very relevant and below we consider the stretching of the ankle joints and its treatment with traditional and folk methods.

Symptoms of ankle sprain

Surely many of us are familiar with the symptomaticmanifestations of stretching. With an easy degree of damage, when the ligaments of the ankle joint have only microscopic ruptures, there is a slight pain when walking, and on the skin over the joint you can see a slight reddening. However, there may not be external manifestations of symptoms.

If there was no stretching of the ligaments, butpartial rupture - the patient will feel a pronounced pain, experience great difficulties when walking or not be able to walk at all. With such a degree of disturbance, it is necessary to take more responsibility for the treatment of sprains in the ankle joint.

If there was a complete rupture of ligamentsAnkle joint is a serious matter and you have an extreme degree of damage. Symptoms in this situation are vivid and the sprain of the ankle joint in this case is characterized by a profound violation of motor functions; In the joint area, swelling and inflammation of the soft tissues and surrounding joints can be observed; it will increase in volume, skin integuments will turn red. It is impossible to walk with such damage.

Treatment of ligaments of the ankle joint

Sprain of the ankle joint: treatment here largely depends on how much the joint is damaged. Proper treatment is usually not accompanied by complications. To do this, it is necessary to take timely measures and turn to a surgeon or traumatologist and then conscientiously follow the doctor's instructions.

Sprain of the ankle joints of the first degree is an easy condition, the second and third are quite heavy, the swelling of the limb is noticeable even in the photo.

At the first degree of sprain of the ankle joint, the patient needs to apply a pressure bandage and ice. So you can reduce swelling and ensure rest to the damaged joint.

Ice should be kept for at least 10-15 minutes,putting it not on the skin, but on a towel or gauze, covering it. So you need to act within 24 hours after the injury. Then the injured joint should be given heat: put the patient in a hot bath or apply a hot water bottle. Heat will relax the damaged joint and activate blood circulation, promote the healing of damaged tissues.

At the second degree of damage, sprainAnkle joint simply by ice and compresses can not be cured. To the above described actions, it is necessary to add a fixation of the fixing longa, which will take at least ten days to wear. In this case, it may take up to a month to restore the affected joint.

At rupture of ligaments - damage of the third degree- any movement in the injured joint will have to stop. To do this, the doctor applies an immobilizing plaster bandage for two weeks, and then replaces it with a new one, allowing you to start rehabilitation and gradually develop an injured limb. Recovery with such damage will take about two months.

Treatment of ligaments of the ankle by folk remedies

If you suddenly have an extension of the ligaments of the ankle of mild degree, its treatment can be organized at home by folk remedies.

  1. Apply grated raw potatoes to the injured area several times a day.
  2. Dilute the clay with water to the consistency of sour cream, wrap in linen cloth and apply to the diseased joint. You can pribintovat such a compress for several hours.
  3. Prepare the gruel from the rubbed aloe leaves, attach to the injured joint and bandage the limb. When the mixture warms up, replace the compress with a new one.

And remember, apply folk methods only after consulting a doctor. Such funds can perfectly complement traditional medicine, but can not replace it.